My friends and I were invited for a staycation in Laciaville Resort and Hotel in Mactan Island, Cebu last weekend. I was on a morning shift that day so I was pretty much excited to relax and to unwind with my friends after my shift. We met at Ayala Center where Laciaville Staff picked us up. Our first stop was in Greenwich Mabolo for some pizza while traveling to Mactan - because we all know that gridlock is very challenging going to Mactan. (wink) But to my surprise, traffic was actually moving well that day. It was already past 5PM. 


Laciaville is the first townhouse-styled hotel and resort in Mahayahay, Bankal, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu. It’s contemporary and comfortable lifestyle will give you a relaxing feel-at-home vibe with a twist of leisure. It’s romantic night setting by the pool will also make the resort a perfect get away for couples. Laciaville has 11 exclusive fully equipped residential suites.
The Townhouses are fully furnished. From the living room, dining room, and kitchen with refrigerator, induction stoves and microwave perfect for cooking food for the whole group. There is air conditioning in each of the 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room. There are also two full bathrooms (showers with heaters). Since Laciaville is still new, they are tying up with other travel and tours companies to serve you better. It is only 10 minutes away from the airport and 5 minutes away from famous beach resorts. You can also have reservations for beach swimming, boating, island hopping, scuba diving, underwater scooters, para-sailing, banana boat, jetski, night tours, whale watching in the South of Cebu, canyoneering, and many more. If you are not from Cebu, car rentals for visiting famous tourist spots in the island may be reserved for you.





My favorite part of my stay in Laciaville has to be my time with my friends. They are also bloggers from Cebu who I hold close to my heart. I have only gotten back to blogging for a year and yet I have made so much progress because of them. They have definitely been my source of inspiration when I begin to doubt myself. The blogging world is not all fun and freebies, it is tough. A lot of times you have to deal with moments of doubt and frustrations. Sometimes a writer’s block will test your passion for writing. But having people who genuinely support and trust your talents and skills makes all the difference. That is why every time we get to spend time with each other whether just having coffee or travelling outside of the city, we always forget that we’re bloggers. Instead we just think that we are friends just having fun in the moment. Because guys, what they say is true. It is not always about the place or the destination, it is always about who you spend it with. And Laciaville Resort and Hotel may be a perfect place for your friends or your family when you are staying in Mactan Island. Thanks Earl of xtianlayese vlogs for taking my photos. Subscribe to Earl's Youtube channel guys. 








If you want to know the rates and other details from Laciaville, feel free to check out their facebook page. @Laciaville Resort and Hotel.

Deluxe 3-Bedroom : PHP 5,000

Special 3-Bedroom : PHP 6,000