31 July 2017

Aside from being a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger in Cebu, I am a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit by profession. Having to do both  with other activities and commitments on the side requires a lot. But I want to believe that I have always been on top of my game. 

Whether it be fulfilling my responsibilities as a nurse, attending to different events, writing for the blog, and even going to the gym, I always make sure that I have the tools to keep me on top!

So what do I have that keeps me on top of my game?

Korean Panax Ginseng enhances physical performance and helps improve endurance. Take a multivitamin that contains this ingredient. I am a fitness enthusiast and my job as an ICU nurse requires a lot of energy. Taking in a multivitamin with Korean Panax Ginseng definitely increases my physical capacity both in the gym and at work.

Sometimes when I am cramming for the blog, I become easily distracted. Especially that in most cases I write in the coffee shop. It usually takes me long hours when I am out writing. So, to improve my concentration and mental agility, I take a multivitamin with Deanol.

Antioxidants is everybody’s best friend. The multivitamin that I am taking has Royal Jelly. It is an antioxidant that keeps me youthful all the time. As they say, a fashion blogger has to be always on the go. You just don’t know who might be taking pictures of you. Hahaha Okay that was too much. (That does not really happen) What I am trying to say is, you have to look good to deliver your brand, especially here in Cebu. 

Anyway, aside from all of these ingredients with Vitamins and Minerals, it is always best that we keep a positive attitude. Remember, positivity attracts a well balanced life. And staying on top of my game is my goal everyday. Thankfully, I have Rogin-E to give me everything I need to perform well and to experience life to its fullest.