13 April 2018


Feeling drained, stressed, and a little pressured - Last weekend, I went to Golden Prince Hotel and Suites to catch up with my good friend Naomi. We settled in Q Cafe. It was just adjacent to the hotel’s Lemon Restaurant.

Whether we just came from thrift shopping (ukay-ukay), attending an event, or whether we just came from stressing over deadlines, every time Naomi and I hang out, we always make it a point that we have good food in our table. We also love to go to cafes and chill until we ran out of stories to share. (But we never really ran out of stories. Hahaha) And that’s what I needed that day! 



Q Cafe is a quiet and quirky corner in Golden Prince Hotel and Suites Cebu. I love the space because the walls are covered with art and different knick-knacks. It feels very cozy and homy. One would never think that there’s this cute cafe inside the hotel. Call us crazy but we started with their Frapponillas. Something to cool my mind with. I got cookies and cream while Naomi had matcha. (Q Cafe celebrates Frapponilla Fridays. So all Frapponillas are for only Php100 every Friday.) 





We then ordered Pasta Carbonara and Spaghetti Bolognese. To those who are close to me, they know that I am more of a tomato-based pasta lover. And without being cocky, I can cook good pasta. Hahaha I must say, that the serving was enough to satisfy one person. And the flavors were subtle - nothing overpowering to my tastebuds. I liked it! I was already feeling full but we still had Tuna Sandwich. It was a big plateful of sandwich and potato fries. Hands down the fries were amazing - seasoned perfectly! But the bread was quite very hard to my liking. I only ended up eating the Tuna spread and half of the bread. They also have pastries and cakes. We had the black forest and everybody’s favorite the red velvet cake. We finished the day with fruit shakes and made a toast to a fun and exciting summer ahead and to stand strong despite overwhelming stressors! 




Overall, the day I spent in Q Cafe was what I needed to recharge and to refocus. Just like the tuna sandwich, (WINK) sometimes life gets hard. But when you know that there are people who genuinely believe in you, you’ll get by. For a moment there, I forgot that I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. We didn't even notice the time. So if you feel like taking a time-out, a quick visit to this 24/7 quiet and quirky cafe in Golden Prince Hotel and Suites is definitely a good idea. It might even change your life! :)