28 January 2019


I have always been a fan of Fujinoya since their original shop opened across Tsai Hotel. It was a refreshing venue for friends and families to meet and catch up over coffee and of course Japanese cheesecake. It was also in Fujinoya where I first saw my TV crush in person. ( He was a contestant in a reality design TV show. ) He was alone and was quite uneasy but he still looked charming. Unfortunately, I did not have the courage to introduce myself, even as a fan. HAHAHA

Anyway, let's move to what this post is really all about. Although I'm smiling right now just thinking about him in his white shirt and pekpek shorts! HAHAHA Okay! Let's move on! Hi crush if you're reading this. HAHAHA

On a serious note, I was quite disheartened when I found out that Fujinoya was closing. I did not know that they were just going to transfer to a different location just across the street after Tatangs. Good for me! It is a lot closer from my place now. :)

I love my coffee ice cold! While most people prefer hot coffee, I enjoy the cold brew more. Fujinoya has the best white cold brew. You can ask the barista to prepare it as you order and serve it in a glass or you can also get them bottle-ready. Although the new cafe is smaller in size, the quality of the drinks they serve is still there. We all know that the Japanese have high standards and that's just how they make coffee in Fujinoya - the highest quality guaranteed!




Now, my good friend John Rex ( he is responsible for this beautiful shots ) and I always go to Fujinoya when we have the free time. We love how we can be loud outside and chitchat with some of our friends over great coffee. 

Fujinoya is also near YelloCube. It is one of Cebu's night food markets where you can dine out with some good food and live band too.

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