When I was younger, my mother would always bring me to the ukay-ukay. I didn’t complain at all. Because at that time, I figured it was a clever way of buying clothing at a very reasonable price. Now, I buy some of my stuff in THRIFT STORES. It’s cheap and budget-friendly. You just have to be really persistent and patient at the same time. 

 So here is a list of my top 5 UKAY-UKAY destinations in Cebu City. (Disclaimer : The pictures show the pieces I bought in the ukay-ukay, not the actual stores are used as the settings of these photographs.) 

1.Carbon Public Market 
 It's a no brainer that this has to be the most popular ukay-ukay destination for all fashionistas out there. Everybody knows that Carbon has everything you need. You can buy stuff for as low as P10. I even bought a pair of denim shorts for only P20. The place may be overwhelming for a first timer, but once you get a hang of it, you will surely enjoy this place. 
 Tip: The best time to visit is on Saturday night and Sunday morning, as more stalls are opened along USJR as well. These are the shorts that I bought for P20. Sometimes I also buy pants then cut them into shorts. 


Most people would agree that life is never fair. More often, it teaches us lessons after the pain. It continuously tests our spirit and faith until we decide to rise above or to drown from it.

One sunny afternoon, while my friend and I were looking for a location of an upcoming project, we passed by this busy street along Cebu Port. There was no traffic light in the area while big cargo trucks passed by in full speed. Then it got me thinking "When do you STOP, LISTEN and GO."