5 August 2019


The Big Bad Wolf is a character from the Little Red Riding Hood. He is the main antagonist of this favorite children's book. But the Big Bad Wolf that I know is not bad after all. Last year, I got invited to the VIP preview of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Cebu. I am not really a bookworm but I love books. I love looking at them. HAHAHA So, I went to the preview and brought my sister Vilda and my best friend Edsel.

It was only then that I realized that there were a lot of book lovers in Cebu. The event was jam-packed. Moving around the venue was almost impossible. As a lover of fashion, I instantly went to the Fashion and Design section. I was already content with one hardbound fashion book that I have always wanted to buy from a different bookstore that was not on sale. I bought it at 70% off in the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. While accompanying my sister around the venue, we would always end up at the Self-Help books section. Maybe the world was telling me something. Maybe I needed help. HAHAHA I figured out “well the books are on sale, buying a self-help book wouldn’t hurt, right?” So, I chose the smallest and the slimmest book there was, Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” I have heard so much about this book even when I was in high school. Then, another cover got my attention. I don’t know why but something was telling me that this book will change my life. And it sure did.


In 2018, I battled with bouts of confusion, stress and fear. I also felt that I was stuck in my comfort zone. I wanted to challenge myself but the fear of failing had always been my worst enemy. Then, I remembered the book that I bought at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. It was still untouched and shelved in my cabinet. It was entitled GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by author and psychologist Angela Duckworth. The book was very compelling that I finished it in 2 days. And that was something I have never done before. HAHAHA After reading it cover to cover, I realized that the most successful people in the world were those who have failed but have never given up. It was not all about talent but passionate persistence. It became clear to me that if I allow my fear of failing to control over me, I will forever be stuck in my comfort zone. So, I mastered the art of believing in myself to finally take a leap of faith. I decided to apply for nursing registration in the United Kingdom. Booked and passed my IELTS and CBT (Nursing and Midwifery Council in United Kingdom) exams and got interviewed and hired on the spot by a NHS Hospital in UK. Now, I am preparing for the OSCE which will take place in the United Kingdom. In just a couple of months I am going to UK to train and finalize my registration. I never thought that a book that I got at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale would be instrumental in leading me to the United Kingdom. 

So if ever you are in town in August 16 until August 26, 2019, the world's biggest book sale makes a big return to Cebu City with more books and titles to choose from. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will open its doors to book lovers for 24 hours non-stop at the IEC Convention Center (IC3), Pope John Paul II Avenue, Cebu City, admission is free. Who knows a book from BBW will also affect your life in the most positive ways as it did to me, right?




The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale also advocates in helping the community to read and to spread learning through books. Big Bad Wolf Books' CSR arm is continuing its Red Readerhood Programme here in Cebu in partnership with Gawad Kalinga to provide books to (GK) community libraries and schools. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Cebu will be donating 500 books and customers are also encouraged to participate in the advocacy by donating books at the sale. You see? The BIG BAD WOLF IS NOT BAD AFTER ALL.

Over 4,000 VIP passes are up for grabs on its Facebook and Instagram page in the coming days until the day of the event! See you everyone! :)

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