12 June 2016

What was initially planned to be a simple OOTD shoot turned out to be more than the usual. 

My good friend Christian and I went to Ayala Center Cebu to hang out. I was wearing a basic white shirt, skinnies, and chucks. Since it was already raining that day, I also brought a military jacket (which was my brother's uniform as he is in the Military) just in case it gets cold. 

We wanted to see the chapel on the rooftop of the mall when we figured to take some shots for an OOTD look. But time was not on our side. The sun was about to set and it was getting dark. So we decided to utilize the lights outside the chapel and took some test shots. To our delight, the pictures turned out more than what we expected. 

Just when we were about to pack up, we noticed that some people were getting inside this white door near the chapel. We got curious what could be behind that door. When we opened the door, there was nothing. It was just an empty room with lights leading to an elevator. 

It was cold, dark, and almost creepy. The silence was deafening. It felt like we have escaped from the rest of the world. Not to mention we were just actually inside a busy mall. 

Anyway, what was initially planned to be a simple OOTD shoot turned out to be more than the usual. It became conceptual and cinematic. It's true, you just don't know when you find something or some place to inspire you to be creative. I felt like a character in a movie who had to save the world by hacking some top secret information from the government. Hahaha (it's okay to dream)

That empty room wasn't really empty. Because it brought out our imagination and creativity. Just like in life, sometimes we tend to take for granted the simple things and ask for more, when what really matters is seeing the good in every situation and appreciating what is given to you. It's just a matter of perspective. So go out, get inspired and be creative!

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