26 May 2016

Most people would agree that life is never fair. More often, it teaches us lessons after the pain. It continuously tests our spirit and faith until we decide to rise above or to drown from it.

One sunny afternoon, while my friend and I were looking for a location of an upcoming project, we passed by this busy street along Cebu Port. There was no traffic light in the area while big cargo trucks passed by in full speed. Then it got me thinking "When do you STOP, LISTEN and GO."

 I was amazed by how these truck drivers gave chances to each other as they passed through this not so wide street. The street was busy that I had my adrenaline pumping. I was excited to have my pictures taken. But then I realized, I should stop first and listen to the traffic before I get hit by these trucks. Hahaha Just like in life, when we are bombarded by so many problems and we feel like we’ve had enough, sometimes the best thing to do is to just STOP, get yourself together, LISTEN to those who guard your heart and from there, you GO on.

 I really had to be careful while my photos were taken. I was like playing cat and mouse with these cargo trucks. One lost step, I would have ended in a hospital bed. It was a risk to be climbing up tires and to be running around this busy street to get the shots. What gave me a scare was while sitting atop these tires, the truck began moving. I almost died. (okay!that was melodramatic) Hahaha Thanks to the driver who glimpsed through his side mirror and warned me with a beep. (The things we do for you guys.)

So remember these three words, STOP, LISTEN and GO! Yes, life may be unfair but these 3 bold words makes it fair. wink :) ​

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