26 February 2016

"-are you wearing underwear?” 

This is the same question I get from my friends everytime I wear my board shorts/swim shorts. ​My answer - “NO, I don't have to." 

Every time I go on a trip to the beach or to the nearest resort, I always bring my board shorts with me. I am not a fan of wearing trunks because I just don’t look good in them. Damn, these chicken legs. 

Anyway, when wearing your board shorts, this is what you should always remember. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WEAR YOUR BRIEFS! ​ Think about this, do girls wear underwear when they are in their swimsuits? They don’t. 

 Don’t worry about your manhood. Most board shorts/swim shorts in the market right now have built in underwear already. And if there’s none, it is still not an excuse. It is also unsanitary to wear briefs in your swim shorts especially in the pool. And for the straight guys, it’s a turn on for women when you have swimming etiquette. So the next time you hit the beach or the pool, leave those underwear behind and get your sexy on. 

P.S. Don't mind the body. I am still a work in progress. Hahaha

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