4 March 2016

Colon is the oldest and the shortest national road in the Philippines and it is still ​one of the most crowded parts of Cebu City.

I have always loved the spirit of Colon. It is always alive and busy.

I took the chance to play tourist and asked my friend to take some photos of me around the area. I felt a rush because cars and jeepneys (one of the major ways of transportation in Cebu) were speeding and the crowd was just so busy minding their own business. ​

I had to be careful to follow traffic rules or else I would have been fined. The crowd was very cooperative. I know for sure at the back of their minds, they would have asked, “who is this crazy guy in the street being photographed?”. But they did not complain. In fact they were so kind to stop while my friend was taking pictures of me. That was probably the Cebuano hospitality. Or maybe they really thought I was a tourist. Or better yet, they just didn’t care. Hahaha

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