25 March 2016

When the largest roving sale in the country "The Off Price Show" came to Cebu last March 18-20, I immediately invited some of friends to come and to check out the event with me.

Since, I only had an hour of sleep that day, I did not have enough time to prepare what to wear. A go-to outfit for me when I go out with friends is the basic white shirt, skinnies, and sneakers. But to elevate the look, I just grabbed my latest ukay-ukay find, a pink long sleeved checkered polo from http::// 

Many years ago, I travelled to Macau with two of my closest friends. It was my first trip out of the country. It was in Macau that I found this hip and trendy store "http:://". I wanted to buy everything inside the store. Too bad, we were on a budget that I did not even purchase anything at all. Hahahaha Thank you to ukay-ukay/thrift shops. Now I don't need to travel to Macau or Hongkong. 

GET THIS STYLE: Polo > http:://, Timepiece > G-Shock, Skinnies > Terranova, Sneakers > Airwalk 

I always find it fun when I'm shopping with friends. We get to share stories, exchange ideas and catch up with what's new in our lives. But the best part of it all is, getting broke together! Hahahaha 

"Polo styled in 3 different ways - OPEN, MID-OPEN, CLOSED" 

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