23 April 2017


Hey there! How's summer treating you so far? As for me, I have been travelling quite a lot lately. Thus, this late post. (wink) Anyway, last year I went to Boracay with two of my best friends since high school. It was my first time to the island paradise. I did not set any expectations at all because I did not want to be disappointed. People were telling me that going to Boracay would just be a waste of time and money. That I should rather travel to other hidden island treasures in the country instead. After all, the Philippines has more than 7000 islands. 

I was with my best friends Edsel and Elgie. They have been to Boracay more than twice already. I was the virgin in the island. Hahaha Kidding aside, these two made my trip to Boracay memorable. We did not do any water activity at all. We were just there to enjoy the clear blue waters and the powdery white sand of the island. And the sunset? It was divine. So when they told me we were coming back this year, I said count me IN.


This time, aside from the three of us, seven other friends joined the fun. It was like a mini reunion for us. We all came from the same high school which is the University of the Philippines Cebu. And of course with the beautiful Sarah on some of the featured photos in this post. Anyway, some people would say that there’s nothing to see in the island of Boracay anymore once you’ve been there. It is too crowded and the waters has turned green. I wanted to prove them wrong. Well, I concede. You will definitely see a sea of people as the sun sets in the island. But I say, it is beautiful to look at these people being enchanted by Boracay’s world famous sunset. God’s gift is not meant to be hidden - but rather it is best shared. Especially when you hear travellers from other countries say that it is the best sunset that they have ever seen. It makes you proud to be living in the Philippines. And Boracay has one of the longest shorelines in the country, so there is definitely a spot for you in the island. If you want to avoid the crowd, take that morning dip instead and you can search for that perfect Instagram location. On the second argument, yes there was an algae bloom on my second visit to Boracay. People were complaining about the the algae attack. Even those people who were not even in Boracay that time. Hahaha But our hostel provided some good information about the algae bloom. They said that it is NOT a negative effect brought about by human activities but it is in fact linked to high nutrients in water; and appear during certain months of the year, like SUMMER. Even before I heard about it, the algae did not bother me at all. Personally, it added a different kind of color and mystery to this beautiful island. They weren’t even itchy at all. They were just green. Hahaha


So anyway, it was my mission to find the perfect Instagram spot in Boracay. And here are just five of my favorite spots for your growing Instagram following. For an Instagram addict, it is easier to look for that perfect composition, but for beginners, we might need a little practice and an eye for spotting that Instagram worthy moment. I intended to use my phone for these shots since we don't carry a camera all the time. 

5. Second Wind Hostel. Station 1. (At the back of QuickMart)
My friends and I stayed in a hostel. Well there are a lot of fancy accommodations in the island, but since we were on a budget, staying in a hostel was the way to go. To our surprise, the place did not disappoint. my favorite spot was the stairs going to our room. I immediately asked Edsel to take a picture of me. This was the closest to Santorini, Greece I could get. Hahaha There is always that perfect spot where you are staying - whether it be a luxury hotel or a hostel. You just have to be creative.


4. High Wall Carved Art before McDonald's in Station 2.
If you are on a budget, eating at McDonald's may be one of your options. But mind you, the prices are P20.00 higher than the usual rates in the city. Good thing it's near this Instagram worthy wall. We all know that a high wall is perfect for an Instagram moment. 


3. Bamboo Poles by the Beach along Station 1.
These short bamboo poles are perfect. I think everybody knows this spot in Boracay. 

 Bamboo Art Installation along Station 1.
This spot is perfect when you are also looking for a shade. I thought this might be gone when I went back. But fortunately, this installation was still standing strong and still looking magnificent. I have always been fascinated with bamboos. Just like us, they might bend at times, but they will never break. 


2. Puka Beach. 
Puka Beach is less crowded than stations 1,2,3 in Malay, Boracay. It is also one of the stops you will make when you go island hopping. But if you suffer from sea sickness, you can go to Puka Beach by taking a tricycle. Sarah and I took turns in taking our photographs. I think we both got sunburned just to get those perfect shots. Well, it was worth the heat. Hahaha



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1. Boracay Sunset
Undeniably the perfect Instagram moment in Boracay is her beautiful world-famous sunset. The saying "there is no sunset you won't like", definitely holds true to Boracay's best. I think I had over a hundred photos with this sunset. Hahaha Station 1 boasts to be the perfect spot to witness God's way of saying, "no matter how hard your day has been, every day still ends with a beautiful sunset." 


Of course, much of the island of Boracay is Instagram worthy. The entire beach line could be an Instagram moment such as these featured photos. Follow me on Instagram @almostablogger for more of my adventures and style inspirations.


Now, that you have a guide on where to find that perfect Instagram spot, take as many photos as you want. As they say, capture moments and only leave footprints behind. I do hope that we continue to protect our beaches in the country. Let us share nature's best to the whole world. Boracay is just one of the 7,641 islands in our country. And let us be proud of our treasures one island at a time. Enjoy your summer and be responsible at the same time. :)

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