11 August 2017


Hey there! How’s your day? I hope you are doing well today. As for me, I have been stressing out about my internet connection. It's no secret that I usually go to coffeeshops when I have to write for the blog because staying at home would only mean watching Netflix or sleeping the entire day. Hahaha But sometimes because these coffeeshops are full of people connecting to the in house internet, it becomes almost impossible to connect. Thankfully, Cebu Marriott Hotel happens to have their "AFTERNOON BREW" promo that runs until September 30, 2017.


 Last Monday, I badly needed to catch up with my blog. Cebu Marriott Hotel’s invitation was perfect timing. I went there with two of my blogger friends, Ukay-ukay Diva himself Alem Garcia and Cebu’s ultimate beauty blogger Naomi Bersales. We had unlimited coffee and a slice of the cake of the day with of course high speed internet. We shared the same table, opened our laptops and put on our blogger hats. But sharing a table was a bad idea. We ended up talking to each other since we seldom hang out. What was supposed to be the time to edit and to write for the blog, became a “catching up coffee and cake party” with these two. Hahaha I didn't mind not being able to write for the blog that day because I wouldn't have had an amazing day if I glued myself to my laptop. I was with friends with unlimited coffee. So, catching up with them was more important than scribbling words in Pages. Anyway, the afternoon brew is also perfect for business meetings. You can reserve the whole Palm Lounge for bigger groups and have a coffee party if you want. I can only imagine how fun would that be. :)

 Thank you Cebu Marriott Hotel for having us that day. 


Enjoy unlimited coffee + a slice of the cake of the day + high speed internet with 130 MBPS for only Php 250 at Cebu Marriott Hotel everyday from 2PM to 5PM.



Hat > Forever21

Animal Print Top > Thrifted for Php35 (Ukay-ukay)

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