18 August 2017


When someone asks me where do I find style inspiration, I always say that I get inspired by the people I meet everyday. They could be strangers I just happened to see while I was walking down the street. Or while I’m writing for the blog in my favorite spaces here in Cebu. So in other words, as a Fashion Blogger, I take inspiration anywhere.

One fine day, while I was thrift shopping in Colon, I noticed that a lot of people were wearing yellow. I asked myself, “is it the color of the season?”. But I knew that it wasn’t. My mother has always taught me to stay away from bright colors because I have a dark skin. So, I definitely grew up without any yellow in my closet. Yellow was not my color. She always said that bright colors would only highlight how dark I am. But today, I want to challenge myself if I can pull off the color I dread. After all, I have grown to love the color of my skin. 




If you followed me on Instagram (@almostablogger), you would know that I bought this mustard yellow shirt in Giordano. I always go for quality basic pieces. Yes, I thrift shop a lot but when it comes to basics, I highly recommend investing in proven brands such as Giordano. I got this at 3 for Php1000. They don’t easily tear and the fit is A+. Anyway, because it’s the first time I am wearing yellow, I wanted to be safe. How safe can it be to wear yellow with white? Really safe right? Hahaha Well, as adventurous as I am to fashion, I can also be controlled and safe. The white pants I am wearing are from Uniqlo. But I only paid Php35 because I got them in the ukay-ukay (Thrift Shop). Since I was in a resort, I thought the combination was perfect for the location. Yellow also means sunshine and the sun was perfectly up that day. And I have always believed that I was made for sunny days. The yellow gave me a brighter attitude despite how hot that day was. I felt so comfortable with what I was wearing that I ended up taking so much photos. I also brought my laptop bag from URstyle. It was in golden perfection. I think it added a sense of luxury to my simple ensemble. It also had my name on it. (wink)



So guys what do you think? Did I pull off the yellow? Well, I think I did. (wink!) Because of this challenge, I realized that it is better to try and to fail rather than not to try at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother. I always take into consideration her advice. She is my style icon. But one thing she taught me as well was, “fashion is everywhere but style is personal.” And the times are changing. There are no more rules. Now that I know I can pull off a yellow, for sure, you’d be seeing me wear more bright colors in future posts. Hahaha I hope I got you inspired to try something that you thought would never look good on you. And get inspired by different people you meet or different things you encounter everyday. Because as your friend and style blogger, I want you to know that you inspire me everyday. 



Location : Solea Resort Mactan

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