9 September 2017


The world of fashion is quite unforgiving to menswear. Men have limited options when it comes to dressing. But thank you to those who dare to be different - men who challenge the boundaries of menswear in fashion. 

As a blogger, I want to take risks and to try something new when it comes to styling. After all, fashion is trial and error. I am not really the t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Because you would usually see me with a little bit of something more in my ensemble. Whether it be a jacket, a hat or a printed top. Lately, I have  been greatly influenced by the 70's and 80's. But this post isn't about those fashion eras. This is about one of the most controversial trends in men's fashion. 


I have always wanted to wear overalls and coveralls. But I can't seem to find any that fits me or that inspires me. Until one fine day I came across this printed garment that looked unusual for me. Have you ever heard of a "Momper"? I bet it sounds familiar, but not really. Right? What about a romper? I think you know what a romper is. A romper is a one-piece short-and-shirt combo. This is pretty popular among women. So, having said that, a "Momper" is the male version of the romper. Some also call it, the “Bromper”. They became popular when Kickstarter had a campaign they called "RompHim" - which gave men something new to their closets, a romper for gentlemen. 



But if you think that this is something new to men's fashion, you got it wrong. I did a little research about the male romper. I found out that this style made its first onscreen appearance in a James Bond movie in 1964, the "Goldfinger". Now, who wouldn't want to wear something that our favorite secret agent has worn in the past, right?Seeing this trend in runways all over the world excites me. But some are quite unsure of this style. Some say that it is abominable. It's like a grown man clothed like a child. While some say they would consider the momper because it is closely similar to coveralls and mechanic suits that men have already been wearing for decades. The only difference is that they are shorts. 



I will give you my honest opinion about the momper. Just like most men, I was a little hesitant to try it. But because it looked quite unusual for me, I challenged myself. It was more like love at first sight too. I was just drawn by its uniqueness and of course the tropical print. When I first tried it on, it really felt weird but surprisingly comfortable. I am not used to wearing something that does not hug my waist. So the momper definitely gave me the feeling of wearing a dress. Not that I have worn a dress before. But because there’s nothing on my waist, it gave me that feeling. It also felt like wearing an overall with sleeves and in shorts. I believe the overall is the same one piece idea as the romper. Would I recommend the momper to other guys? Of course, I would. But this isn’t for the faint hearted. You definitely have to be comfortable with your own skin and personal style if you want to be seen wearing a momper. As for me, I would definitely get more in solid colors too. Hopefully, I can score some in thrift shops as I haven’t seen any in the malls here in Cebu. So what do you think? Would you wear a momper? (wink) Take the challenge and tell me what you think about it. If you haven't read my latest thrift finds, click this link .


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