6 December 2017

What is a nest? There are a lot of definitions that you can find on the internet or on the dictionary. But for me a nest is simply “HOME”. And that was ultimately how and what I felt when I attended the opening of NEST Home and Fabrique Shop on December 06, 2017.

Cebuano fashion designer Philip Rodriguez showcased a well-curated selection of fashion and home pieces during the grand opening of NEST. I immediately fell in love with the lifestyle concept store because it made me feel at home as it reminded me of my mother. It’s no secret that I am very much influenced by my mother with it comes to style. I have an eye for style and beautiful things because of her. When I was younger, every time we go to the mall, we would spend hours at the lifestyle section looking at beautifully handcrafted furnitures and her obsession with pillows and curtains. So, when I entered NEST Home and Fabrique Shop, I instantly thought of her. She would love every piece inside. From fashionable bags, colorful hand beaded footwear, statement jewellery pieces, unique home decors, novelty fabrics to well tailored dresses, for sure my mother will love this newest shop at 38 Gorordo Avenue. If a nest is a house, then mothers make it a home. 

Aside from feeling homey in NEST Home and Fabrique Shop, I also felt proud to be Filipino. I was amazed by how creative Filipino artists and artisans are. Not that I am surprised, but I felt proud that there is a venue in Cebu for promoting the integrity of Filipino artistry. Kudos to NEST for supporting Filipino talent and ingenuity. So if you also want to support locally made world-class arts and crafts, then you should definitely check out NEST.

NEST Home and Fabrique Shop is located at 38 Gorordo Avenue, right beside Ramen Kamekichi, facing the Ayala access road and has free basement parking for your convenience. Store hours are from 11AM to 7PM from Monday to Saturday. For mor information, you may call landline (032) 231 2590.

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