29 December 2018


I have always believed that looking great does not need to be expensive. That is the reason why I always go to thrift stores or Ukay-ukay. People know me to be notorious in finding stylish clothes in Thrift shops. In fact, I always receive DMs from different people asking me about how I am able to make ukay-ukay look expensive and how they would want to try thrift shopping but don’t know how. 

One of my philosophies (Yes, there’s a philosophy behind wearing thrifted clothes! hahaha) in terms of practical fashion is, mix and match what you already have in your closet to what you'd find in thrift shops. Although I can wear everything thrifted, my advice for those who are new to thrift shopping is, take baby steps. You can start with a plain t-shirt then a thrifted blazer perhaps. We all know that coats and blazers can be very expensive in the malls, so getting one in ukay-ukay for only Php35 such as what I’m wearing in this blogpost will definitely save you a lot of money. Blazers in the ukay-ukay can range from Php25 to Php150. If you buy more than that, then pass. 

Another way to make your ukay-ukay finds look expensive is basic color coordination. The color wheel is a good place to start. But personally, I always keep it neutral. Especially for men who want to look stylish but don't want to be very loud, keep your colors solid and simple. 




Most thrift shops can be very overwhelming. Cebu has a plethora of vintage stores where spending an hour won't be enough to go through everything inside the shop. I suggest that you go with a friend - someone who likes to go to these places and someone who knows your style. This strategy is very effective so that you can cover the whole store efficiently together.

The first time can be very exciting but just in case you don't find something, there is always a next time. Even for someone like me who goes to ukay-ukay 2 to 3 times a week, there are times when I wouldn't find anything at all. Hahaha But when I do, the feeling is such a high. I'm warning you though, thrift shopping can be addicting. (wink)

I hope that these simple pieces of advice will inspire you to try thrift shopping. It does not only let you save money, but it also supports zero waste. :)


Blazer > Php35 (Ukay-ukay)
High-Rise Pants > Php35 (Ukay-ukay)
T-shirt > Topman
Eyewear > Sunnies Studio

Photos by Vilda Jeanette Pingoy of LivinLaVilda

Locale : Cebu City

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