27 December 2018


I went to iCenter IT Park to buy a new laptop charger. However, they only had those types with 60W. I needed the 45W charger. Bryan, from iCenter was kind enough to ask the other branch if they have what I was looking for. Luckily, the branch at Crossroads, Banilad still has one. So, I took a cab and went to Crossroads. Finally, after more than a week without a laptop, I can start writing again. (wink)

Since Crossroads was just really a stone's throw away from IT Park, I decided to save some money by walking to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Central Bloc. This is my go to place whenever I’m craving for a chocolate chip cookie. When I arrived at CBTL,  I used my eGift code from the Giving Journal event of CBTL to get a free regular drink. Of course, I also got myself my favorite cookie. Thanks CBTL for the free drink! :)

But this is not really the story that I want to share. While I was ordering coffee, I heard a familiar voice in the background. I did not mind it at first not until it became louder. I followed the voice and looked behind me. There he was, the first guy I balled my eyes out. The guy who literally broke my heart into pieces and the guy who cheated on me. Okay I’m starting to sound bitter here. HAHAHAHA

I wanted to say hi in the spirit of Christmas, but he was with someone I don’t know. So, I just pretended not seeing him. Looking back, there were times when I would think about what happened to him after we broke up. Cebu is such a small place that it is not impossible that we would eventually bump into each other. If I remember well, the very first time I saw him after we parted ways was in Ayala. I just got back from Singapore for a vacation and caught up with my best friends over dinner. It was one of my friends who saw him first. I looked at the direction he pointed and saw my ex and his new partner seated in a  restaurant. At that moment, I  told myself thank God I was with my friends because at least I wasn’t alone. HAHAHA After that, I never saw him again.

After almost 3 years, here we are under the same roof, inside the four corners of a coffeeshop acting like strangers. It was an awkward situation. I took a seat at the far end corner because I was planning to take some photos of the giving journal for my blog. I arranged my things accordingly and set up a small Instagram corner. I zoomed out and did my thing. I took a few photos and started to brainstorm for a blogpost. For a moment I actually forgot that he was there. I did not let his presence take control of the situation and I did not let his voice throw me off my creative process. The next time I looked behind me, he was already gone. Our story is not one in a million - it could be yours or your friends’, WHERE STRANGERS BECOME FRIENDS, FRIENDS BECOME LOVERS, THEN LOVERS BECOME STRANGERS. 

If there is one thing I will take away today, it is giving myself a pat in the back. More than the pain and hatred, I can actually say that my past relationship taught me to choose myself by picking up every piece of what was broken before it became impossible for me to stand up again. If we can't be friends, it's totally fine. It’s difficult to see people we once loved walk away. But trust me, the pain will eventually fade and you will realize that you deserve to be treated better. Of course, there will still be times that you'll remember the past. It may still pull your heartstrings. But what it brings now are just memories of the past - Choose those memories that made you happy so that pain and hatred do not grow in your heart. :)

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