17 July 2019


I never thought I would have the opportunity to be a barista for a day! ( But more like a barista in training! ) HAHAHA

Coffeeteria invited me for a private Coffee Appreciation Class last Monday. Although it was not the first Coffee workshop I attended, I was still excited to enhance my knowledge about coffee. I was also informed that there were other content creators who got invited for the class. It got me more excited because I love to work with other creatives in Cebu. Unfortunately, when I arrived, Paul, one of the owners and baristas of Coffeeteria told me that it was just going to be me on that day. I told him I can come to a different class. (Naulaw ko!) But he said, it was totally fine. 

Before he started the workshop, he gave me this cold brew to try. Everybody who knows me that I love the cold white brew. This was actually really good. I wanted to have another round but had to stop myself because I know I will be drinking more coffee later that afternoon. 


There was a plethora of things that I learned about how to make coffee using an espresso machine. There was a science behind it and as I watched Paul in his element, it was like he was painting art. There was passion and respect towards the coffee he was making - you know that you are getting what and how coffee should look and taste like. Paul also expressed his love for sharing what he knows about coffee to the public. So, whenever you are in Coffeeteria, feel free to ask him any question or any barista that is available on your visit. 



After the espresso was made, he taught me how to prepare cafe latte. I was no longer nervous at this time. Although I know I might make a fool of myself, I was looking forward to making coffee with some art. HAHAHA My favorite part was actually how to steam and froth milk using the espresso machine. You can watch the story in my Instagram account (almostablogger). 

Paul showed me the basics of making latte art. He made it look very easy so I tried to mimic his design but only managed to make two hearts. HAHAHA Not bad for my first try. (wink!)



You should know by now which cafe latte is mine below. HAHAHA 


Overall, my coffee appreciation class and workshop at the Coffeeteria was the most fun I had the past few months. Not only was I able to tick this one out from my bucketlist, but I was able to learn a new skill from the most passionate baristas in Cebu. They will continue to hold classes until August and I hope that you get a chance to attend them because you will definitely have fun and appreciate the art and science behind every shot of espresso or every cup of coffee made just for you. 




P.S. This is how professional baristas make them. Hahaha One day I will be able to make coffee look as amazing as this. ( Dreams do come true, right? )


Coffeeteria is Located at the 2nd floor of North Agora Regency, Minoza St., Talamban, Cebu City and opens from 3PM - 12MN on weekdays and 1PM - 11PM on weekends. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates. 

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