15 June 2019


People around us will always tell us that we should never give up. But one hard lesson that I have learned is that there are moments when you have to give up and situations where you have to keep going. 

Nothing comes easy in this life. Often times, we end up telling ourselves that it is easier to give up especially when we are confuse about why we are struggling. When my previous relationship was not working anymore, I still did the best that I could to save what was left. Well, at least for me I felt that there was still something there to be fixed. However, my ex thought otherwise. Until one day I realized that giving up on our relationship was me letting go to move forward. I needed to give him up in order to grow. Maybe I realized that after I exhausted everything I could to save the relationship, there was nothing left that I could give anymore - Giving him up was the only way for me to move forward with my life.

On the other hand, while giving up is necessary, there are situations when you should not consider it as an option. When times get tough and difficult to understand, step back for awhile and challenge yourself. When you know that what's on the other side will help you grow and create positive changes in your life, then continue to push harder no matter how many times you fall down. It took me three applications before I got my nursing job. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines joined Binibining Pilipinas thrice before she won a crown. I guess it's safe to say that strike 3 and you're out is not always what it seems. It simply means, you don't give up trying until you reach your goal, until you become a better person, and until you make positive changes in your life. 

We all want to be successful at what we are trying to do. So, when we are challenged by the situation, let's practice the pause and reevaluate what we want to gain from it and ask ourselves, "Give up, or Keep going?" 

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