18 August 2019


After I went to the VIP Day of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Cebu, I decided to kill some time in 32 Umber. It is a small cafe at the Forum along Archbishop Reyes Street. I have been constantly visiting this coffee shop for quite some time already and have received questions about how the coffee tastes, what are the best sellers, and how the crowd looks like from my friends and readers. So, I will answer those questions in this blogpost. 

I love how unassuming 32 Umber Cafe is. There is not a lot of people occupying the space to study, unlike other coffee shops in Cebu which probably have turned into libraries. If you know what I mean. The space is not as large as other commercialised coffee shops in the Metro but it is enough for those who just want to have good coffee whether you are alone or with friends and family. Without a doubt, 32 Umber's coffee selections will keep you coming back for more. While my friends like John Rex, always has his cappuccino (Php140), I always order a bottle of cold white brew (the dark brew is really strong!) or a glass of iced latte (Php140) paired with a slice of a decadent chocolate cake (Php130). I am not really sure how they came up with Milky Way because it's a dark chocolate cake. But I guess it must mean heavenly since the Milky Way is in the heavens, right? HAHAHA I know that was corny! (Wink!) Well, coffee and chocolate cake is always a perfect combination. 

Anyway, it has become a weekend habit for my friends and I to catch up with each other. And 32 Umber has been one of those special places that has become a witness to our laughters and silly conversations. I am going to miss hanging out with them over coffee especially that I am now counting the days before I leave Cebu to work overseas. It makes me sad, but we have to do what we have to do, right?

I highly recommend that you visit 32 Umber at the Forum along Archbishop Reyes Street. It is just a walking distance from Ayala Centre Cebu which makes it the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without being away from the city. 








John Rex, me, and Mitchell. 

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