30 August 2019


I was invited by Baguio Craft Brewery Cebu for their 2nd anniversary celebration. Although this was not my first time to visit, I always look forward going here. It is one of those places where my friends and I hang out over cold craft beers. (wink!)




My friends know that I am not really a fan of drinking alcoholic beverages. The smart thing about Baguio Craft Brewery Cebu is that they have a variety of craft beers; from the least alcohol content to beers that will make you zig and zag. Our favorites have always been the Englishman in New York and the ZigZagger. They taste very different but both are equally satisfying. Aside from enjoying the beer, we also had some of their best sellers. The ribs were served with grilled corn and fries. It was probably good for 4-5 people. But, the lechon kawali had to be my favorite that evening. The seasoning was spot on. I mean it was sooo good that we had to order another set and yet failed to take a photo. HAHAHA I guess that showed how carnivorous my friends and I can get when food is so good. We were also treated with live performances by Jude Pastor and N2 Band. Despite the heavy rain, everything came together that night. Thank you Baguio Craft Brewery Cebu for always making every visit special. Happy 2nd Beer-thday and I wish you more birthdays to come! :)



Baguio Craft Brewery Cebu is located at Garden Bloc, Inez Villa St., IT Park, Apas, Cebu City.

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