11 October 2019


In less than a week, everything is going to change for me. I will be seeing new faces, eating unfamiliar flavours, going independent, wearing thicker clothes, speaking English on a daily basis (HAHAHA), and above all missing home like I never did before. 


Yes, I am relocating to the other side of the globe and my life there is going to be very different than here in Cebu. 

I am moving to Newcastle upon Tyne in North England to work as a nurse. Most of my friends who are also working in the United Kingdom told me that I would have loved it more if I chose London because there's so much to do in the Big Ben city which is perfect for bloggers. But I decided to choose the countryside because I am not a big city person. I enjoy nature more than the hype and the action in the city. I also took the liberty to research about Newcastle and found out how similar it is to Cebu. It is quite provincial with all the perks of being in the city. I heard that it has one of the most active nightlifes in UK.  Newcastle is the friendliest city in the whole of UK. It is also one of the coldest parts in the United Kingdom. So, good luck to my arthritis! Hahaha However,  the cost of living is way cheaper than in bigger cities which means, I can save more money to send to my family in the Philippines. #BuhayOFW

Since it is going to be very cold in Newcastle (which can reach at only 3C on a normal day), I am taking advantage of the sunny days here in Cebu before I leave. One of my good friends, John Rex, tagged me along to this paradise in the South of Cebu before he left for Dumaguete. 

It was roughly a four-hour bus ride from the South Bus Terminal to the Fantasy Lodge. As I have read from other blogs, you can just tell the driver or the bus conductor to drop you off the resort. Unfortunately both the driver and the bus conductor were unsure where the Fantasy Lodge is located because they were new to the route. We had to rely to google maps to check if we were near the resort. Luckily, John Rex is a good navigator or shall I say a google map reader. HAHAHA We arrived at the resort at around 11:30 AM. The receptionist was kind enough to allow us to check in early. One of the staff showed us our room. It had a pool view and was very close to the restaurant. After we settled in, we took a shower to freshen up. There was no itinerary in placed since we just wanted to chill and enjoy the scenery.

John Rex is a very talented photographer. I knew that my photos will come out amazing and the pressure was on me to take his photos as good as he does. HAHAHA Before the photoshoots, we scanned the place for locations. We were just amazed and fell in love of the tropical vibe the resort was exuding. Our creative juices were on a high. As a fashion blogger, I always try to bring comfortable OOTDs when I go on vacation. My go-to-colors are white and neutrals. You seldom see me in colourful outfits, maybe only in themed parties. A white linen polo is every gentleman's must have. And my favourite is Uniqlo. I have had this white linen top for four years already. I bought it from the Ukay-ukay at maybe 50 Pesos. I completely forgot. (wink!) I paired it with a high-waisted trousers for a more sophisticated look. I also got them from the ukay-ukay at 35 Pesos. Of course, a great pair of sunglasses from Sunnies Studio completed the look. I wore this while we were just lounging in the restaurant which had a nice sea view on a cliff.



Then I changed to a pair of DIY denim shorts so I can go up and down the resort. Hahaha This was originally a pair of Cotton On skinny pants that I cut into shorts. :)




Thank you to one of my closest friends John Rex, who I will definitely miss, for tagging me along in this very peaceful and beautiful place in Samboan, Cebu. You can check his Facebook for more amazing photography. :)


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These were just some of the photos I took of John Rex! I styled and directed this shoot for him. :)




Although there is food corkage in Fantasy Lodge, which might not be pleasing for budget travellers, I still recommend this place to couples or small groups of friends. Our room was at Php2400/night with breakfast. It had all the basic amenities in a hotel but more luxurious and nicer than in the city. Some blogs would also tell you that the food and beverages in this resort are not as good as their price suggest, but I think the food they served us were amazing. For our lunch, snacks with some beer and dinner, we only paid at around Php700 each. Not bad at all. Bus fare was at Php400 round trip. 

If you want to know more about the Fantasy Lodge in Samboan, Cebu, you can visit their Facebook page or check out Agoda. I can assure you, you will have the best yet the most quiet time you deserve to rejuvenate from the stresses of the city life. As for me, this quick escape made me realise how I am going to miss not just the tropical weather, but the people here in my hometown, my beloved, Cebu. And, although I am transferring to the colder North of Europe, I will always be that island boy who enjoys the sun and the sea. :)

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