5 April 2016

Summer time is definitely giving us an excuse to wear tank tops even if we are not in the beach. It is also giving us an excuse to get tanned! 

 I used to believe that tank tops should only be worn inside the house or during street parties and beach getaways. But time has changed. You will see more men and “pa-men” wearing tank tops everywhere this season. I guess it’s because Mr. Sun is giving us one of the hottest summers ever.

 I bought mine during the off price show - where branded clothing were on sale for up to 80%. Well, there are similar tank tops in Colon or in different shopping centres that you can buy for only P99. But this for only P 200? It’s already a bargain. Always remember to choose quality over quantity. ​

Don’t worry if your’e looking tanned. It is Summer. Everyone can get away with it.

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