26 April 2016

Hello guys! How have you been spending summer? Have you gone to the beach, climbed a mountain, chased waterfalls, learned a new hobby, or couch surfed perhaps? Well, before you go on another adventure. Here’s something for you to read on your free time. (wink) ​

I am a fan of a basic white shirt, skinny jeans and a stylish pair of footwear. But how would you stand out by wearing these basics? 

A simple way to amplify your look is wearing a printed blazer. I bought this for only P20 three or four years ago. It was on sale. Hahaha. Since the bold print already attracts attention, you definitely have to balance it with just a simple white top, skinny jeans and your favourite brown leather boots.

I wore this ensemble when I attended a bloggers’ event with Cebu Bloggers Society and iflix. It was held in The Henry Hotel, which was very artsy and decorative. I just thought this ensemble would be perfect for the venue and the event. I will be writing about the iflix event on another blog entry in which I will be giving a giveaway. ( a year of free subscription to iflix ) Now that’s something to watch out for.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you continue to support my style adventures and misadventures. Have a great day! :)

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