7 April 2016

Pullovers for summer? I say, why not? 

The secret to wearing pullovers this season is choosing the right colors and the right fabric. Go for neutrals such as white and beige. Avoid wearing fleece when it’s daytime. ​ 

 To keep the look balanced, I paired my pullover from Banana Republic with a pair of denim shorts that I got from a Thrift Store. One style tip is mixing cheap finds and quality brands. Remember, it’s not always about the price, but it’s about looking good and confident with what you’re wearing without sacrificing your personal style. 

I don't usually go for the "look straight to the camera look" because I choose my angles. But this one isn't that bad at all. Hahaha 

 Pullover > Banana Republic
 Ball Cap > Colon Street
 Denim Shorts > Thrifted
 Leather Boots > Thrifted
 ​Timepiece > G-Shock
Backpack > Nike

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