27 June 2016

This is my first collaboration with fellow style bloggers from Cebu Bloggers Society and Sublime Set Up. 

FINALLY! Hahaha - It took us some time to realize this fashion production. But we are still very happy with the outcome despite the time constraint and the weather. We only probably had 30 minutes to shoot because it unexpectedly rained hard that morning. But thank you to Dan and Malou of Sublime Set Up for being our trusted photographers that day. Their patience and enthusiasm were very contagious that it made us feel comfortable and easy. ​ 

This is Lloyd. First impressions never last. At first glance, you might think that Lloyd is intimidating and snobbish. But he is definitely fun to be around with. His take on street wear is always fresh and exciting. Check his blog www.LLOYDANDBEHOLD.com and learn some amazing style tips from one of Cebu's best style bloggers. 

Neil has a dapper kind of style. You usually see him in his blazers. Hahaha More than his sense of style, he is best known for his passion for food. He does a lot of videos as well and loves to teach other people how to cook good food. Get to know him on his blog www.chefbuano.com. 

Well, this is me! Hahaha I am already working on a different blog entry for my outfit in this production. Check it out soon. Anyway, being around with people who share the same passion as you do motivates you to be at your best. It inspires you to become better at your craft. And Lloyd and Neil are just two of my friends from Cebu Bloggers Society who inspire me to do better and to do more for my readers. It is one of our goals as style bloggers to help people improve their lives. Personally, I find it very fulfilling when my friends tell me that I have inspired them to be more confident of themselves just by reading my blog. I believe that that's the whole purpose why I even started to write. (wink) So let's make this world a better place in STYLE. Hahaha

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