25 October 2016


Aside from blogging, I actually work as a Staff Nurse in one of the government hospitals in Cebu City. Most of my patients are critical since I am assigned in the Intensive Care Unit. That is why I am always on alert in monitoring and taking care of my patients. Sometimes, I even forget to eat or take  a bladder break because I am that busy. That is why I was already looking forward for an afternoon date in the spa with some of my girl friends from Cebu Bloggers Society - Guada, Lyssa, and Marki at the lovely Imperial Spa


When I arrived in Imperial Spa, Miss Evelyn Tiu welcomed me with her big smile and warm greetings. The girls at the reception area were very accommodating as well. Since the ladies already started their massages I only got to say hi to them. The room they had was perfect for bonding with friends - there were 3 massage beds in their room. I believe they sure did had a fun yet relaxing experience. 

Just like other spas and massage parlors in the city, they will let you change with a comfortable pair of slippers. The warm water that Cheryl, my masseuse that afternoon, prepared for my tired feet felt so good already. She then assisted me to my room, which had a single massage bed. Cheryl definitely had the hands to make me feel relaxed and pampered. I asked her what oil was she using and she told me it was lavender. They actually have a variety of therapeutic oils you can choose from. To my liking, I think I fell asleep during the massage. Hahaha It was that good. Well, I have been to different spas in Cebu but this was by far the best massage experience I ever had. Customer service was on point too. 



After the session, we were introduced to Stephen Cheung, one of Imperial Spa’s owners. They have been in the business for a year already and they are planning to have more branches in Cebu for their growing clientele. Miss Evelyn also gave us VIP cards so that every time we come and visit Imperial Spa, we get exclusive discounts for all the spa treatments and services that they offer. 

Imperial Spa Cebu is located at
14 F, Cabahug Street,Mabolo,Cebu City. (in front of Sarossa Hotel)


Now let's talk about this OOTD. I went for a white linen polo because it was really hot that day. I paired it with my khaki shorts for a relaxed look. My shoes are from Boy London which is hugely popular in Korea and Japan. I wore a black bandana as a neckerchief to add color to my neutral ensemble. I hope you like it, :)


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Black Bandana > Robinsons Fuente
Top (Linen Polo) > Uniqlo
khaki shorts > Penshoppe
Shoes > Boy London
Native Bracelets > Boracay

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