19 October 2016


PIPELINE Cebu has been in the Bar and Restaurant business for 13 years and for an industry where longevity is quite a challenge, that’s already a feat! 



Because I am not the bar hopping kind of guy, I never realised that they have transferred in Lahug for more than a year already. So when I was invited with my friends from Cebu Bloggers Society for their food tasting and sampling, I took the chance to get to know Pipeline Cebu and look for reasons how and why they lasted for so long in a very unforgiving industry. 

I went there with Mae of and Ly of We were welcomed by Sir Alsmith Ricana who organized the meet up. Since we were the first to arrive at the bar, they served us with something they still don't have in their menu. It was definitely a treat. Too bad, I can't share it to you yet because it's still a secret! (wink) 

Since they were already serving food and drinks, we had to call for back up! It was like a feast! We had a long table and there was just not enough space for everything they wanted us to try. Fortunately, some of our friends were in IT park. We called them to join us and devour everything on the table from pizzas, pastas, chicken cooked in different ways, frozen margaritas and more. 

SPICY WINGS - The tastiest wings!
CRISPY SARDINES - I fell in love with sardines!
CHEESE STICKS - sooooo cheeeeezzzzzzy! soooooo yuuuuuummmmy!
PORK SISIG - who doesn't want sisig? only vegans! hehe

Aside from their famous 21' Italian Sausage Pizza, they also served us with their MeatLovers and Hawaiian Pizza. They also do free delivery. Just Call 233 - 7777.

21' ITALIAN SAUSAGE PIZZA - mouthwatering!

BLUE BALLS - I love balls!

Now I know why Pipeline Cebu lasted for more than a decade. It is because their take on the food and bar industry attracts both the young and the old. They have a variety of food and beverage to choose from. Everything tastes good and consistent to decade long recipes. They have a wide space that can accommodate the whole gang while you're playing billiards or darts. You won't feel suffocated unlike other bars in the Metro. There are high-end bars mushrooming in Cebu but Pipeline caters to a demographic strategic to mid-end! 

It's a perfect place to drink and dine with your friends 24/7! Oh I'm sorry, except on Sundays! hahaha
Now, that's totally almost24/7! :)


Located at Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City. Along Metrosports. 

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