23 October 2016


My favorite McDonald's Burger, the McSpicy, is back! And it is back Hotter than Ever! 

It was an afternoon of information overload. Hahaha the Cebu Bloggers Society held a mini talk on Basic SEO for Bloggers with Branding. This is the first of many workshops that Cebu’s premier blogging organization is offering to its active members. “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization is Greek to me! Hahaha But thanks to Ian Limpangog of Freedomwall for sharing his expertise on how to fully optimize our blogs. I definitely learned a lot from the best. Alem Garcia, the Ukay-ukay Diva himself also graced the workshop with his take on how to build your brand as a blogger. The passion I saw in Alem was inspiring.


Good thing, McDonald’s comeback burger, my favorite, the McSpicy Burger, satiated our hungry stomachs. I am not really a big fan to anything spicy, but the McSpicy had only enough spice to have me converted when I first tasted it. There was even a time when I ate McSpicy Burger for a week. When I wanted to celebrate something, when I felt sad, when I was bored at home and wanted to eat out, I would go to the nearest McDonald’s and order a McSpicy Burger. When my partner and I broke up, the first I ate after starving myself was also a McSpicy Burger. Hahaha That is why I really felt sad when they stopped serving it before. Thankfully, McDonald’s decided to bring it back! Call me crazy but I feel like there is a McSpicy Burger in each of us. It was out of the limelight for a while, but now, it is back! Better and Hotter! - and that makes it almostablogger-worthy! Just like many of us, we may fall down a lot of times but what matters is we come back stronger and better than before. 


Now that I am fully aware on how to optimize my blog and how to stick with my brand, I can defintely say that AlmostaBlogger is more excited to share to you guys stories that will inspire you to be better versions of yourself. 

PS : Eating another McSpicy Burger as of writing this blog. :)

White Long Sleeves Sweater > Banana Republic
Black Analog Wristwatch > Unisilver

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