22 November 2016


Do you want to know how I travelled to India and China in one day? Hmmmm
The best thing about travelling to a different country is that you always get what you least expect. And Singapore being one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world will keep you at your feet at all times. (and that could mean literally at your FEET) Hahaha

 Anyway, from one train station to another, a different journey will open your eyes to how diverse and colorful this beautiful country is. Since I went to Singapore without an itinerary, I asked my friends who are living there teach me which places to visit for tourists like me. Of course, it had to be Little India and Chinatown because it was the closest to where I was staying. The most effective way of transportation in Singapore is through the MRT. It wasn’t really hard for me to understand the directions because I have experienced taking the MRT in HongKong before. And I think I am also good at reading maps. But if you don’t like reading maps, you can download SG MRT. It is a mobile app that helps you identify which train to take if you want to go somewhere in Singapore. It is very easy and reliable. 






Little India felt like I wasn’t in Singapore anymore. It was a sharp contrast to the bustling city streets. I even thought I already travelled to India. The streets were filled with shops selling spices and textiles. The people you meet are of Indian descent. The type of food and the smell of it was very distinct to India. There were also Hindu temples in the area. The food market was also very colorful that I had to take OOTD shots for the blog. Hehehe I wore a simple blue shirt from TOPMAN. I paired it with a pair of skinny jeans from PULL & BEAR. A mismatched pair of socks from H&M. And my go to white sneakers from H&M as well. You might ask why my socks are mismatched. Hmmmm I intentionally did that to add some contrast to my ensemble. They may be mismatched but I think they work together. Just like you and me. We’re very different from each other. But we look good together. Hahaha Anyway, it’s just like making the best of what you have. Think of it this way - you bought two pairs of socks but you can actually wear them in three different ways. Just make sure that you won’t look schizophrenic with your choices. (wink) But this style tip is not for the fainthearted. You just have to be confident in wearing this style.





After walking around Little India, I took a train ride to Chinatown. It was only three stations away. ( Little India - Dhoby Ghaut - Clarke Quay - Chinatown ) Now, I am feeling really Chinese. Red and golden lanterns and Chinese characters dominated the street market. The whole strip was lined with old shophouses selling souvenirs, textiles, and Chinese food. I also found a perfect place where street art was celebrated. Of course, I had to take some photos for the blog. But what was interesting to me was on the corner of Chinatown’s South Bridge Road at the Pagoda Street, was actually a Hindu Temple. Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore’s oldest shrine - is a place of worship for Tamil Hindus in the country. I would have expected a Buddhist or Taoist Temple in the area. It just proved that Singapore is definitely a melting pot of different cultures and religions. But don’t get me wrong, there are also Buddhist temples in Chinatown. 







It was a long day for both sightseeing and learning Indian and Chinese cultures through walking the streets of Singapore. I may have had swollen feet after all the walking. But it was all worth it. I hope you get the chance to experience getting “almost” to India and “almost” to China as your 
ALMOST a BLOGGER had. (wink)


T - Shirt > TOPMAN

            Jeans > PULL&BEAR

Socks > H&M

Shoes > H&M

      Timepiece > Daiso Japan

             Hat > Forever21

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