25 November 2016


Once in our lives, we have been rejected. Even in our younger years, we have already experienced rejection. Have you ever wanted to play with your neighbors or join a group with your classmates but they won’t let you because you are not popular or you are not that smart enough for them? Or have you ever wanted to be in the choir but you just can’t sing? Or auditioned for drama club but failed to impress the directors? Well, if you haven’t, then you’re lucky. But for some who have tried but were rejected, yes it socks! Oooops I got that wrong, it sucks! 

I have had my fair share of rejections in the past. In grade school I have always wanted to be a writer and a singer. But singing was just not really for me. So I settled to becoming a writer instead. Do you remember the inter-school press conference? Especially for us  public schools? Yes, you remember? Well I was never chosen to be part of the group to represent my school. It was the first rejection I can remember. Hahaha Then in high   school, I applied to be a writer for the school paper. With very low self esteem, I wrote my ass off to get in the club. But I can’t remember if I actually made it to the school paper. And if I did, I was never given a project to write about. Hahaha Maybe I was just not really good enough. Or maybe there were just better writers than me. So, another “writer-wannabe” rejected. I felt like I was just never going to be good enough. 




I was surrounded by very intelligent and talented people. As they say, students from the University of the Philippines were screened carefully and were chosen based on their character and intellectual abilities. In fact, when I passed the interview and the examination, I balled my eyes out. I just couldn’t believe it because I was not the smartest in grade school. Hahaha. But there I was, looking at my name on the newspaper. So, when I entered UP I was already feeling intimidated. Then I realized, “Hey! Out of thousands, you are one of  only 120 students who were admitted to UP High! You are good enough to be who you want to be!”. So, with that in mind, I continued to write. Not for the school paper though. I would always scribble words and thoughts running through my head. I made poems and short stories when I felt like writing. I wrote letters to my friends for special occasions and sometimes we exchanged letters about anything. Until I was given the chance to write a script for a presentation on JS Prom. I found my love for writing again. And the reviews I received both from my classmates and professors made me believe in myself again. I may not have been known to be a writer in the school paper but I still became the Supreme Student Council President on my senior year. Now, that’s a feat from being rejected to becoming the Head of the biggest organization in school. 




Rejections should never stop us from dreaming. Because these rejections and failures make us stronger and human. Whether it be a rejection from a job you are applying for or being rejected by someone you like, what matters is you know you have given your everything. Sometimes it takes a little pain before experiencing joy and happiness. Remember, God is preparing something better for you. Believe in yourself! Look at me now, I have my own blog. I am writing anything I want without the pressure of being loved and accepted. But you know what, one of the reasons that I started to blog again is because I was rejected by someone I loved. It sucks but “Hey! I am wearing socks that are as colorful as my life right now.” Hahaha I guess the dream of becoming a writer will always be in me. But being your almost a blogger is getting me closer to fulfilling that dream. And I hope that you continue to support me in my journey. 





About this Style : Since I am already wearing a funky pair of socks, I decided to have a basic white t- shirt, black shorts and my fave vans sneakers. 


Top > H&M

Shorts > Cotton On

Socks > H&M

Sneakers > Vans

Timepiece > SM Accessories

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