20 November 2016


Hey there! How are you? It’s been quite a while since I have shared a style post. I got really busy with work and I just came back from Singapore for a much needed vacation. Have you ever experienced feeling so drained that sometimes you just want to runaway and forget about everything that stresses you out? Well, I think everybody has. So whatever you’re feeling right now, whether you’re happy or sad, definitely you are not alone. And your Cebu based personal style blogger is back to put a smile on your face and to inspire you to travel in style without running away from yourself. (wink)





In order to maintain my sanity, I travelled to Singapore. I will also share to you the reason why I booked a flight to the Merlion City in a different blogpost. ( planned on going to Thailand - decided to go to Hongkong instead - but booked a flight bound to Singapore )  Anyway, travelling serves as a healthy way for me to relieve stress and at the same time to learn something new. Whenever I get the chance to travel, I don’t take every moment for granted. I cherish the people that I spend it with. I immerse myself to the kind of culture that I am presented. And I also enjoy playing dress up whenever I can. Since this is my first time in Singapore, there is no way that I won’t visit Sentosa Island. The first place that we went to after the cable car ride going to Sentosa is Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. I immediately fell in love with the architecture of the museum and its facade. Green and White are two of my favorite colors. So seeing these two inspired me to take some photos for the blog. A white linen polo is a travel essential especially when you are going to a place where it is expected to be hot and humid. I got mine in Uniqlo. I love this polo because you don’t have to worry if it gets crumpled in your bag or luggage. And since I was wearing a brightly colored pair of runners, I thought it would be perfect for the dominantly white walls to make it pop. In addition, a good pair of shoes will definitely make all the walking in Sentosa easier and less painful on your feet. 





Are you still feeling drained, uninspired, and stagnant? Well, take it from me. Sometimes it's okay to stop and pause for awhile. Think about yourself and re evaluate what you really want in life. But always remember that giving up should never be an option. Remove your stressors through travelling and treating yourself to something that makes you happy. As for me, travel and fashion bring positive energy to my life. And sharing that to you makes me even happier. 

STYLE / TRAVEL TIP : Don't forget to wear a comfortable pair of shoes when travelling to Singapore. Because I tell you, you'll be walking all day long! Hehehe




Top > Uniqlo

 Shorts > Cotton On

   Timepiece > SM Accessories

    Runners > Nike

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