3 January 2017


Cebu, Philippines - On January 15, 2017, people across the world will come to the Philippines for its grandest and biggest festival, the SINULOG FESTIVAL. It has been a tradition for Cebuanos to celebrate the feast of the Holy Child Jesus Christ ( Sr. Sto. Niño ) on the 3rd Sunday of January. It is not just a religious affair but a grand celebration for the blessings received by Sto. Nino’s devoted pilgrims. On the day of the festival, after receiving blessing and hearing mass, the streets of Cebu City will be covered by a sea of people dancing to the Sinulog beat. You will feel your heart raise in every beat of the drum. You will be amazed by the dedication and hardwork of every performer. Your eyes will be delighted by the colorful floats and costumes. You will get to enjoy free things during the mardi gras parade. And as they say, when it’s free, it’s always better! Hahaha

- Since the streets will be full of people, don’t be surprised when somebody gives you a hug. It is one way to show people their hospitality and friendliness during the festivity. So, don’t be a killjoy. 
Personal Tip : When someone tries to hug you, you can just smile or better yet hug them back. Who knows, he/she might be your match! BUT BEWARE OF PICKPOCKETS.

- Trust me! All of the beautiful people will converge during the mardi gras. Celebrities will also be joining the festivity. And if you're lucky, you might rub shoulders with them in the streets.

- The main mode of transportation on this day is WALKING. So prepare yourself to walk a marathon when you want to follow the carousel route of the parade. It is a good way to lose those extra pounds while enjoying the parade. 
Style tip : Wear comfortable footwear. Avoid wearing slippers - not only they make your feet dirty but people might step on your feet when it’s too crowded.

- There are street parties everywhere. Especially along Mango Avenue. Just be prepared to get wet as people might be splashing water to the crowd. Hahaha 
Party Tip : Most people flock to Century Plaza hotel and Baseline area.

- Random people will offer you food and drinks in party areas. If the person offering is a friend, you might take it but if not, you can just say no thanks or pretend to drink the glass. 
DRINKING TIP : We can’t control people who might take advantage of the situation. So we just have to be careful and vigilant. 

- SINULOG has to be the grandest festival in the Philippines. Being one, different companies join the celebration through sponsoring dance groups and floats. They usually give out freebies such as foldable fans, t-shirts, hats, bags, pens, etc. 

These are just things that we get for free during Sinulog but let us all remember the reason we are celebrating this religious and cultural festival in Cebu. I am a Cebuano and I have celebrated Sinulog for all of my life. A lot has changed but the people's devotion to Senior Santo Niño has remained solid. And if there is what we call "FREE FOREVER", that should be HIS love for humanity. Pit Senyor Cebu! Pit Senyor World! 

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