22 December 2016


In every context of the word, CHEATING is UNACCEPTABLE. Much have been said about why people cheat. But not too many are written about why we choose to stay even after they have cheated on us. Remember that friend who said, "just don't let me catch him cheating or else we're done!"? What about that friend who told you, "he won't cheat on me because he's afraid of losing me." Or that friend who shared, "if he cheats on me, there will be World War 3!" These are just some of the statements that we hear from our friends when we talk about infidelity. 

Personally, I have said things that are quite similar to these. Hahaha But what do you think happened when they found out that their partners were cheating on them? You guessed it right! They stayed! Instead of leaving these assholes, they chose to stay! But why? Here are the common reasons or let's say excuses why people stay even after they have been cheated on. Know your type. (wink)

Denial Queen "DIli lage na niya mabuhat sa ako-a!"
- When we enter a relationship, we don't think about breaking up. We only choose to think that this is our "and they lived happily after." So when our partners cheat, we deny the fact that it can actually happen to us. 

Sentimental Diva "Happy memories lang."
- Some people are very sentimental about their relationships. So when somebody cheats, they refuse to delete those happy memories and replace them with thoughts of paranoia and mistrust.

The High Achiever "I refuse to fail."
- "I am not a failure." These are the words that we hear from high achievers who are experiencing infidelity. So when a relationship starts to crumble, they think that they have failed themselves and that is totally not acceptable to them.

The Hopeless Romantic "Pagsulay ra ni."
- This is just part of the relationship. - No relationship is perfect. But cheating is different. We try to rationalize why our partners cheated and tell ourselves this is just a phase. - This is part of making our relationship stronger. But come on, no relationship should experience infidelity. Especially when it is built with respect and trust. 

The Queen Mother "For the kids."
- When married people or those with children experience infidelity, studies show that most women stay because of their children. They don't want their children to grow up with a broken family. But think about this, would you rather let your children see how you and your partner are growing apart than explaining to them why your relationship is not working out? Children these days are smarter than we think. 

The People Pleaser "What will my friends think?"
- When I realized my partner cheated on me, I did not tell my friends. I was so scared of what they might think of me because I chose to stay with him. But they made me realize that in times like this, we need the support of our family and friends. They won't actually judge you. They will be there to listen and to plot revenge against your partner. Hahaha (okay! That was actually too much!) 

The Security Girl "I can't live without him!"
- These are people who depend on their partners. They choose to stay because they can't afford to lose their lifestyle and be independent.

The Martyr "wala nang magmamahal sa akin!"
- Since some people are afraid of being alone, they would choose to stay in the relationship. More than being alone, these people think that no one will ever love them again. These are also people who blame themselves why their partners cheated on them.

The Investor "wala pa niya bayari iyang utang nako!"
- When we are in a relationship, we invest our time, effort and money to the person we love. It takes so much of our time that when our relationship is being tested with infidelity, we choose to stay because we have invested so much. Sa stock exchange pa, we don't want our investment to go to waste. And these are people who choose to stay because "naa pay utang nila ilang uyab nga nangabit!"

The Play Girl "Ka gwapa ra nako! Dapat akoy maka-una ug puli."
- Yes, even play girls get cheated on. And when they do, they choose to stay but not until they find someone new. Go Girl!

These types are just mere observations. Always remember that LOVE is a choice. We don't stay in love by chance. And CHEATING is a choice! STAYING or LEAVING is also a choice. And at the end of the day, we should always choose to be happy without hurting anyone. 

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