26 October 2017


RULE65 is the newest Filipino Restaurant in City Time Square 2 Mandaue City, Cebu to open to the public. It is the perfect place for family and friends to get together over Pinoy favorites. 

A couple of weeks ago before I left for Manila to visit family and to collaborate with Manila-based photographers and bloggers, I had one of the fullest stomachs in the whole island of Cebu. Hahaha Okay that maybe too much information. But guys I am telling the truth. Anyway, I am one of those people who stick with his traditional flavors when it comes to food. So when I got invited to RULE65 Restaurant and found out that they offer Filipino food, I was up and ready to devour everything. Little did I know that they were giving us almost everything in their menu. It was really overwhelming. I am no food blogger but I love to eat. So I will definitely be giving you my honest opinion about this new place in Cebu.

I know good food when I taste one. And RULE65 will definitely take you to a more posh way of eating your favorite monggo, kaldereta, baked scallops, humba, lumpia, ampalaya, squid sisig, pinakbet, gambas, and my dreaded kinilaw. I don't really eat kinilaw. It's just one of those food that I just can't eat. But because I was there to try everything, I did it! Hmmm to my surprise, it wasn't really that bad. It was smooth and silky. I think I only tasted the vinegar. But for some it may have been too sour that you can no longer taste the natural flavor of the fish. Luckily for me that's how I like it.  Maybe that's the Filipino in me. As I said I ate too much that night and had quite a few drinks from the bar. Some of my favorites were the chicken kebab with watermelons, the house special monggo, squid sisig, gambas, native chicken soup, grilled tangigue and baked scallops. 






RULE65 Restaurant also offers breakfast meals that I thoroughly enjoyed. Everybody loves danggit! Hahaha 










RULE65 also has live bands to entertain you. The dance floor is also wide open for you to strut your dancing skills. In fact they have themed nights for ballroom such as Tango. Honestly, I would take my parents and their friends here. I think they are perfect fit to a more older crowd. 


RULE65 Restaurant is located at City Time Square 2, Mandaue City Cebu.

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