9 November 2017


Do you remember the find the hidden Mickey game in Disney Channel? I bet you do. So while I was watching television with my niece, I got excited when I saw the game again. It brought out the child in me. I didn’t even realize that I became competitive against an 8 year old kid. Hahaha Until it registered to me that I have actually been playing the game when I find style inspirations every time I go to the mall. 

I noticed that different fashion brands such as Uniqlo, Cotton On, Terranova, and Pull & Bear have pieces that are inspired by the world’s most famous cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. Even high end fashion labels like Zara, has their own version of Mickey Mouse t-shirts. I don’t know why but every time I see them, I just instantly get excited. Hahaha 



But since I am always on a budget when it comes to my style, I always end up thrift shopping. Believe me, you will be surprised to see a lot of Mickey Mouse pieces in Thrift shops or the ukay-ukay. What I love about finding Mickey in thrift shops is that they mostly look vintage. A major style tip amongst stylists and fashion bloggers is to go VINTAGE when going for this trend. That means not going to Disneyland and buying something new. You don’t want to be looking like a child. Luckily, I found a Mickey Mouse T-shirt for only Php25. I instantly fell in love with it because the collar was ripped and tattered. I think it gave it more personality. The long line fit was also a modern take to the vintage Mickey Mouse print at the back of the t-shirt. It was just love at first sight. How I styled it is easy. Always remember that when you go for the oversized long line fit, a pair of skinny jeans is perfect. This will balance your proportions. I also wore a black varsity jacket to make it versatile since it’s the colder season. But you may not wear a jacket over your Mickey Mouse tee. A black pair of sneakers with white socks gave it a more casual and youthful feel.









If you feel like wearing a Mickey Mouse tee, go for it. Just make sure that you are comfortable and happy with your look. So, who wants to play find the hidden Mickey with me?

Photography by Edsel Muzares
Location - Mactan Newtown, Lapu lapu City, Cebu

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