8 November 2017


Last November 04, 2017 I got invited with other Cebu Bloggers to the grand launch of the 2018 Giving Journal at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf E Bloc IT Park. It was an intimate group of people who had a passion for continuing the #TraditionOfGiving for 2018. 

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal 2018 is a sweet reminder that giving back to yourself and to others in the community is simple and easy. Random acts of kindness such as paying for the jeepney fare of the person seated on your right, saying hi to someone in the parking lot, offering a ride way home to a friend, treating your family to dinner, organizing a feeding program for street children and etc are just a few ways of reminding ourselves that we can actually make a difference in somebody else’s life through giving. But if you want to give and to do more, read on. 

It has been 10 giving years with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Journal and this year’s beneficiary is the Real LIFE Foundation. An organization that aims to help the underprivileged by providing scholarships and education. The foundation’s advocacy is very close to my heart as I was an Iskolar ng Bayan at the University of the Philippines High School Cebu and an alumni scholar at Cebu City Medical Center - College of Nursing in my student years. At an early age I already understood the need for quality education because I was once that student who can’t afford to buy his own books, who wrote promissory notes to the Dean so he can take the exam, and that student who studied under the lamp post because he had no electricity at home. I fought my way thru college with the help of the people who believed that I can be successful someday. Because of the giving hearts of those who believed in me and my determination to repay the kindness they showed me, I made sure that I’d graduate in flying colors. In all humility, I graduated 4th in my class.  And now, I am a licensed nurse working in the Intensive Care Unit in a government hospital here in Cebu.

Though I am still yet to make my own success story, I am and will always be grateful to those who gave me a chance to get an education. So guys, if you want to help people reach for their dreams, collect a total of 12 stamps/stickers when you order your favorite drink at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. And your 2018 Giving Journal will help someone get an education. And we all know that giving someone an education is giving him a better future. 

The 2018 Giving journal is available in 4 different designs - Blue, Black, Green and a customizable cover if you are artsy.



In the spirit of giving, I am giving away two Gift Cards for The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Holiday drinks Double Chocolate Strawberry Ice Blended, Double Chocolate Blueberry Latte and Double Chocolate Raspberry Latte.


Just share this post on your social media account or follow the mechanics on my Instagram and Facebook page at "ALMOST a BLOGGER". Happy Holidays!


I actually just came from a graveyard shift. I wore my RayBans to cover up those eyebags and dark eyes. Hahaha Anyway, I wore a thrifted ZARA Man Blazer at Php25, White Shirt from Penshoppe, thrifted white skinny jeans at Php35 and my fave sneakers from Vans. Since I went for an all white top and bottom, I wore a printed blazer to break the color. And this is also one of the ways to look expensive on a budget. I think you must know now that I am an ukay-ukay expert. Hahaha atleast I think I am. Save your money from buying expensive clothes and buy a coffee or drink in CBTL instead and collect 12 stamps/stickers to get the GivingJournal. That way you are able to help people get an education. Happy Holidays everyone and may your 2018 be the year of giving more to the community. :)



This is my #2018GivingJournal. Thank you The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. :)


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