26 February 2018


While I was writing this post, I realized that my blog has been up for two years already. My first blogpost was on February 10, 2016. I entitled it “DENIM on DENIM”. On that day, I became ALMOST a BLOGGER. A Cebu-based men’s fashion blogger who aimed to inspire men and women through fashion, poetry, travel and lifestyle. To commemorate my first blogpost, let this be entitled, “DENIM ON DENIM 2.0”.

I have seen a lot of men wearing this style even for the past two years. Why? I believe it’s because denim never goes out of style. In my opinion, it’s not even seasonal. It’s a basic piece in every gentleman’s wardrobe. But as a fashion blogger, I take it as a responsibility to help you how to look more stylish without being a fashion victim. Don’t get me wrong, I celebrate and support individuality and personal style. But this post is a simple guide for the gentleman who wants to take denim on denim but does not know how. 




This look may be difficult to most men but once you get the hang of it, it will become natural to you. It will make you look more stylish without even trying. The ultimate secret to wearing denim on denim is to wear two to three different washes. By doing this, you eliminate the chances of looking costume-y. If you are going to wear the same wash especially light washes, you might end up looking like a fallen pop star from the 80's and 90's. I could have gone wearing a camel colored boots but decided to wear white sneakers for a more casual and summery look. 

Now let me tell you the secret to keeping your jeans the way you want them to be. Well it is true that you don’t need to wash denim after you use them. In fact, some people can go up to 5-8 wears before putting them in the laundry. Personally, I can only go 3 times especially that I live in a tropical country. Hahaha Minimizing laundry will keep the color of your denim. In addition, when doing the laundry, it is best to flip out your jeans. Turning your jeans inside out will keep its color and will prevent uncontrolled fading. Lastly, dryers are the corporal enemy of jeans. So it is best that you air dry any type of denim. Keep them turned inside out too. This will also prevent excessive fading. Hang drying is also good for the environment. It is free and energy saving. (wink)





I hope this blogpost will give you the confidence to upgrade your look. So, don't hesitate to leave a comment or DM me on my Instagram account @almostablogger.


Denim Polo > Terranova Style
Denim Jacket > Bershka
Patched Jeans > Thrifted (Ukay2x) for Php50
Sneakers > Gazelle by Adidas

Location : MJ Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City 
Photography by Jann Marcon Tudtud 

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