12 March 2018


I have not gone to any events the past few weeks because I kept myself busy with studying for an exam and creating more style content for my blog. But I wanted to have a breather from reading and writing. So when I got an invite for the launching of Manang Julings Kilawan, I still had second thoughts. Why?


I am not a big fan of kinilaw (fish ceviche). I can’t even imagine myself eating it. I don’t know why but something must have happened in my childhood hahaha or I just don’t like the idea of eating something that is not cooked. Even though I know that the vinegar does the cooking, I still feel like it’s raw. Hahaha Yeah, sounds crazy, right? Well, this year I promised myself to try things that I am not necessarily a fan of. So why not start with Kinilaw. After all, Manang Julings Kilawan has been a household name in Talisay City for decades. And I have also heard that their seafood dishes are freshly sourced from Talisay everyday. 



So, I already conditioned myself to keep a strong stomach before I entered the restaurant. Thankfully, the staff were very accommodating and that definitely decreased my anxiety. When food were served I intentionally saved the kinilaw na tangigue for last. My mind was already playing tricks in my head. Until I didn’t realize that I already had eaten a lot - from freshly caught seafoods like calamares, tinolang bug-atan, nilarang tasik, garlic shrimp, baked scallops, nukos adobao, sinugbang tuna belly, sinugbang nukos, kinilaw na lato, kinilaw na guso to pork dishes sinugbang pork belly and bagnet. I was more than full. Hahaha I could pass on not eating the kinilaw na tangigue but this is what I came here for. It’s time to conquer that gastronomic fear. Have you seen people eating balot for the first time? That was what I was feeling. OA, right? Hahaha Now, that I am writing about it, I feel embarrass. Hahaha But I didn’t make a scene guys. I did not show how anxious I was. I kept my composure and acted normal. The first bite was not bad at all. Surprisingly, it just melted in my mouth. It was silky and smooth. I didn’t smell or taste a bad fishy odor. I guess you know what I mean. Hahaha Then I had another spoonful from another. There I was, eating kinilaw and actually loving it. I won’t say that Kinilaw will be my favorite food from now on. But I can definitely say, now I know why Manang Julings Kilawan is a household name in Talisay City. If you are like me who wants to try kinilaw, Manang Julings Kilawan is perfect for you. And if you are already a fan of it, this restaurant will keep you asking for more.  






With more than 40 years of experience in the business, Manang Julings Kilawan takes pride in serving the freshest seafood dishes to the Cebuanos. From her humble beginnings in Tangke, Talisay City, this homegrown carinderia turned restaurant brings her traditional flavors closer to the heart of Cebu - strategically located in Mango Square Mall along Juana Osmeńa Avenue, right across Century Plaza. It is open daily at 10AM to 11PM. 


I am sorry for the picture quality. I misplaced my camera’s memory card that is why I had to use my mobile phone. :)

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