18 April 2018

Somebody needs help to get Lays Philippines attention!

No, it's not me! Hahaha For a couple of days now I have seen Nico Bolzico’s pitch to become Lays PH newest endorser. I was like how in the world as famous as this guy will not get the attention of Lays Philippines? Apparently, Nico has to show more personality as many as Lays’ amazing flavors. If you haven’t seen his posts, here are some of it! I had to dig through my stalking skills to get these images. Hahaha 

But what do you think guys? Do you believe Nico is the perfect fit for Lays Philippines? 

On a personal note, I met Nico during the VIP opening of one of Cebu's biggest supermarkets/warehouses. Everybody felt his presence. It was not because he was probably the tallest person in the building, but I believe it was because his personality stood out among the sea of people shopping. He didn't make a scene to get noticed. His persona commanded attention without asking for it. So if I were Lays Philippines, without a doubt, please give our dear friend Nico a break. 

I just came from an event when my mother arrived with a bagful of Lays Classic Potato Chips. So I grabbed the chance to have my own shots in support of Nico.


I declare that he is the next big thing to happen for Lays. So let’s support our dear friend Nico Bolzico become the newest endorser for Lays Philippines! It won’t hurt to help this amazing soul reach for his dreams! #NicoForLays

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