1 May 2018


I have been to Bohol a countless times but I can’t remember the last time I have been to Tagbilaran City. So, when I had the chance to get away from Cebu, my good friend Naomi of jugsandpugs and I decided to check out different food places in the city they call the City of Peace and Friendship.

We settled in our hotel in Tagbilaran City and took a quick shower so we can go out and explore Bohol. But before we put on our travelling hats, we had to get some good food to keep us energize. Fortunately, there’s a cozy yet a modern restaurant which was 8-10 minutes away from our hotel. We were welcomed by Chef Raphael of Smoque Bar + Bistro. He offered us some cocktails that were specially made for us as a starter. Well, for Naomi it’s never too early for some alcohol. Hahaha And I’m always up for it whenever she’s around ‘coz I know I’m in good hands. She had whiskey and wine and I had a mango pina colada. Mine definitely looked very summer while her drink looked very sophisticated. At first, I was not into it but as the time passed, I found myself loving every sip. Yeah, it looked nice but it tasted even better. I also took a taste of Naomi’s drink and it was lovely. It’s a lady’s drink but definitely with a kick. 



While chef Raphael was giving us a rundown of their menu I just can’t keep my eyes from wandering around the restaurant. The interior was so classy yet still very cozy. My favorite spot had to be where the “EAT GOOD FOOD” sign was. 



Even before we went inside the restaurant, Naomi and I looked at each other, then asked “Do you see that sign?” Hahaha I just can’t help but to think this is going to be a hit in Cebu too. Well, let’s just hope they branch out to the Queen City of the South. 

Here are just some of what we enjoyed in Smoque Bar + Bistro;





BAKED SCALLOPS (fresh local scallops, seafood sauce, pommery, mustard, parmesan, mozzarella, pesto)
Don’t get fooled by the number of shells. Every scallop shell had three scallops and the combination of parmesan and mozzarella cheese with pesto was just heavenly. This should be in your order list when come here. 

SMOQUED SALAD (seasonal produce, candied nuts, local cheese, house dressing)
One of their signature dishes, this had to be my favorite. No leftovers! Hahaha The ingredients were locally sourced and the cheese was from Ubay, Bohol. I have a soft heart for Ubay and I have been to where they make the best cheese in the island. (FUN FACT : Ubay has the Little New Zealand in Bohol.) 

This was highly recommended by Chef Raphael. And who would say NO to a chef, right? Well, he defintely knew what he was talking about. The octopus was fine as silk and the flavors were like pyroworks making magic in my mouth.

What’s unique about their baby back ribs was they were smoked from locally sourced wood. Though I would have loved it to be more tender, like 10 seconds more, the sauce was close to home. It was flavorful. The french fries on the side was crisp on the outside and soft in the inside. And that’s just how I love my fries. :)




We were already full when Smoque offered us desserts. They make their own cakes and pastries. And the only way to find out how good their cakes were, was to try them out. We had  MILE HIGH LAYERED CHOCOLATE CAKE and UBE HALAYA. We had to find some room for desserts. hahaha While we were eating them, a group of people came to the restaurant and ordered the same cakes as we did. There were four of them and it was only Naomi and I. Imagine how much we had? Hahaha all for the love of sweets. Sometimes you can’t expect good desserts from restaurants, but Smoque Bar + Bistro exceeded my expectations. Though Smoque is a restaurant and a cafe, I think opening a separate pastry and cake shop will highlight how amazing their sweet treats are.




Smoque Bar + Bistro is a fairly new restaurant in CPG East Avenue, Bool District along ACE Medical bldg, Bool, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. They opened in December 2017. And the response of the Boholanos has been overwhelming so far. Personally, as a Cebu-based blogger, this restaurant deserves the spotlight. Every dish that they served us was cooked to perfection. And I felt the passion of Chef Raphael and his team while they were talking about how important it is to serve good food to both locals and tourists. So, if ever you are in Tagbilaran City, make sure that you get some good food and drinks at Smoque Bar + Bistro. I assure you, you will leave the restaurant with a full stomach and a happy heart. And that’s what good food is supposed to give you, right?


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