8 May 2018


There were two people engrossed to their laptops and another two sharing a quiet conversation in the  corner. In the background was a familiar sound, accompanied by the recognizable smell of roasted coffee. There were also two baristas behind the counter who were as busy as an army of people making coffee for the growing queue of caffeine lovers and serving food to not so early birds for brunch. These and more collectively joined together to create a unique experience in Tamper Coffee and Brunch in this growing city of Tagbilaran Bohol.

It was already 10:30 in the morning in Tagbilaran City and we had planned to go to Panglao Island for our last day in Bohol. To keep us stimulated the whole day, Naomi and I needed some coffee and brunch. Finally, I had the chance to visit TAMPER COFFEE and BRUNCH. When we arrived in Tamper, there were roughly about 2 people having their coffee and doing their own businesses. I loved the white interiors and the wooden accents. It reminded me of a coffee place I always go to in Cebu. 




They already had reserved seating for us. I ordered a caramel macchiato and a LongSiLog ( Longganisa + Fried Rice + Sunny Side-Up Egg ). I really loved my coffee. I wanted another round of it but I had to control my caffeine intake. Hahaha We also had a stack of pancakes. It looked so Instagram worthy that I didn’t want to touch it! (Blogger Problems! Hahaha) More than how beautiful it looked, it tasted pretty good. Naomi is a pescatarian and she ordered a fish fillet burger. Of course, I tasted it as well. She always makes me eat her food. I think she has an agenda to make me fat! Hahaha (I don’t mind though as long as the food tastes good). We also had frappe for something fun and sweet. :)





After more than an hour of sharing drinks and good food, we were more than ready to travel to Panglao Island. Thank you to Tamper for making us full that morning. It had everything we needed in a coffee shop - great tasting coffee, delicious food, high speed internet, and friendly baristas. I am definitely coming back here the next time I visit Tagbilaran. 


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Tamper Coffee and Brunch is located at P. Del Rosario St. Corner CPG East Avenue, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. It is open from 7AM to 12AM. 

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