13 March 2019


“Coffee makes me happy.” This little piece of light fixture was the perfect tease for me to enter this very unassuming coffee place in Banilad, Cebu City. It’s as if it was calling my name and there was no way that I would not accept its invitation. I guess I am too soft for a coffee invite. Hahaha


Two minutes later, I was offered a cup of latte by the barista in the counter. Who am I to refuse, right? (wink) Anyway, I settled in a corner and opened my laptop to check my mail. I received an email that got me a little bit frustrated because I can’t access my account in a registration portal that I needed to update every now and then. My day suddenly went bitter after a countless tries of password reset. Then, the barista handed me a cup of latte and said, “This might be a little bitter for your taste sir.” In my mind I was like, “Oh no! How bitter will this day be?”, instead I just said, “It’s okay. Thank you.”


I composed myself and tried another password reset. Lo’ and behold, I still can’t open my account. So, I took a sip of coffee and was surprised when I did not taste any bitterness - it was smooth and silky. In other words, “maka-happy.” I have visited a lot of coffeeshops in the metro and tasted more coffee that I shouldn’t have. Of course, I have my favorites but this coffee place is more than just having the perfectly roasted coffee beans (Yes, they have their own roastery!) that make a good cup of coffee, but it definitely made a very unfortunate event into something more bearable. Funny how these types of moments test someone's patience and perseverance. I know I should be mad for not being able to recover my account, but I choose to enjoy this cafe latte and do something about it. Hopefully, I will receive an encouraging update from the website because my nursing career depends on it. 



Since, there was nothing I can do about it anymore, I decided to take some snaps inside Drip and Draft. The place felt like a coffeeshop in New York. Not that I have been to New York. Hahaha. It is what I always see in hollywood movies and tv series. It was dimly lit and ultimately felt very cozy. Drip and Draft also offers craft beers if you are not the coffee type. It is perfect for an after work get together with friends and family. While others enjoy their coffee, some have the option to have a very cold beer instead. 

I also had the chance to go inside their own roastery. The aroma of the coffee beans was just heavenly. Maybe that's the reason why Drip and Draft's coffee tastes really good. 


Drip and Draft is located at Streetscape, Banilad Cebu City, Cebu.
Opens at 7AM to 12AM on Sunday 'til Thursday and 7AM to 2AM on Friday and Saturday.

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