6 April 2019


It has always been a tradition for my friends and I to travel somewhere we have never been to every summer. This year, our summer starter location was Tabuelan, Cebu.
I have always wanted to go to Tabuelan since last year when this little town in Northern Cebu became very popular in social media because of its breathtaking sunset and white sand beaches. So, I pitched the idea to my friends, who are my MANAYS, to make that trip to Tabuelan. I asked for recommendations from those who have been to Tabuelan and The Tree Sunset was one of the beach resorts that was mentioned. I did my own research and found photographs that sealed the deal for me.

The plan was to take the 4 AM bus ride to Tabuelan from the Cebu North Bus Terminal. However, two of them arrived late! (HAHAHA, guess who?) So, we took the 5 AM bus instead. I suggest that you come early if you want the air-conditioned bus. There are not a lot of air-conditioned bus going to Tabuelan. Anyway, it took us 2 hours and 30  minutes to arrive at the bus terminal in Tabuelan. We bought a few more stuff (food) and drinks at the public market since we wanted grilled food for lunch. Beforehand, I already asked The Tree Sunset if they have a grilling station. Nothing beats grilled seafood and pork BBQ by the beach, right? By the way, we also bought lechon baboy. HAHAHA 

After we bought additional supplies, we took a tricycle going to Maravilla Beach, where the The Tree Sunset was located. The sight of the crystal blue waters was already worth the trip. I actually got worried when the bus conductor joked about bringing “kabo” or pail. I asked him why and he grinned, “Today is going to be a low tide. So, the beach might be not so good for swimming. So better use a pail.” (of course, it was in Cebuano!) HAHAHA Fortunately, when we arrived at the Tree Sunset, the beach was at a high tide. I was completely relieved. We settled early inside the room and arrange our stuff and then started to prepare to grill some pork and fish that we bought from the public market. Nenet and I started the grill with the help of the resort’s caretaker. Tudie and Mam Nanette helped us as well and Clive came out to show support while Bevy spent her beauty rest. (HAHAHA) 

After some from tearful encounter at the grilling station, we finally finished cooking. It was already enough for lunch and dinner. Then, we took a much needed rest before taking advantage of the sunny weather outside. It was perfect for taking photographs. Friends are the family that we choose and the manays are just a few of my chosen family. And to celebrate memories, we always see to it that we have fun together and take photographs as much as we can. This year’s summer theme was stripes. Here are just some of the photos that we took under the scorching heat of the sun while still having so much fun.



After the photoshoots, we had lunch and caught up with each other’s lives. The funny thing was, most of us were hooked to Kadenang Ginto. HAHAHAHAHA  A teleserye which resembles the Mara Clara era in our childhood years. Clive was Marga and Nanet became Cassie. Tudie was Tito Neil and I was one of Cassie’s best friends while BV was Nadia and Mam Nanette was Romina. HAHAHA

With our stomachs full, we decided to take a nap while BV and Clive started the drinking spree and videoke. I haven’t had slept for more than 24 hours by this time.  (snooooooooooooooozzzzzeeee)


Tabuelan has been known to be one of the perfect locations to witness Cebu's sunset and it definitely did not disappoint. As the golden sun hugged the horizon, the sky turned orange and at that moment, I paused and said a little prayer to thank the Lord of His greatness and love. It was the perfect ending of a very long day. From traveling without sleep, taking the bus ride with inadequate legroom, worrying about the low tide, tearing up at the grilling station, becoming one of Cassie's best friends, drinking Bacardi for the first time, and some unfortunate events before this trip got materialized, I am just grateful that no matter where life takes me, I always have people around who appreciate my strengths and weaknesses. CHEERS TO MORE TRAVELS WITH YOU GUYS! :)






Well, whether it be just in Mactan, Badian, Camotes Island, Siquijor, Bohol, or in Tabuelan, the time I spend with these people is always a memorable one. 
SO WHERE ARE WE GOING NEXT? :) Calling Manay Eena and Danica! HAHAHAHA

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