20 April 2019


The island paradise of Malapascua is one of the most popular diving spots in the Philippines. It has probably the richest marine life in Cebu. Although there is an array of dive shops in the island, you can still feel how the community and the tourism sector have maintained the beauty of this Northern gem. 

My Malapas-Squad and I arrived at the New Maya Port at 6:25 AM. We were just in time for the first trip going to Malapascua Island at 6:30 AM. We all have heard how big and unruly the waves can be in this part of Cebu - they said the trip is not for the fainthearted. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as we expected it to be. When we reached Malapascua, we had to transfer to a smaller boat because the pump boat can no longer move closer to the docking area.The funny thing was, it had no “katig“, or balance beams. (I really don't know how they are called. wink!) We all felt one wrong move, the boat will just sink. HAHAHA


Once we landed, we looked for an ATM for additional cash. Sadly, there was none. Our only option was to swipe the card for the amount we want to withdraw and then they will get 10% of that amount. For example, I wanted to withdraw Php2000. They will only give me Php1800 and they get Php200. So, you better make that withdrawal in the city. In my defense, I did go to IT Park before the trip but my issuing bank was offline at that time. I had no other choice but to pray for an available ATM in the island. ( Although, there were ATMs in Bogo City, the bus did not make a stopover in Bogo. ) Because of this very unfortunate event, I relied on some extra money from my friends. Huhuhu

We had breakfast at the public market and bought some supplies before we went to the beach resort we booked. We stayed at the Avila’s Horizon, which was at the other side of the island. It was tucked away in Langub Beach, Malapascua. 




We originally planned on staying at a dorm type accommodation since there were 6 of us. But we were offered a family room instead since they only had 4 available beds for the dorm.  After checking in, I immediately went to the beach front to marvel at the beautiful white sand and the clear and turquoise waters of Langub Beach. 





1. Take the 3AM bus from the North Bus Terminal going to the New Maya Port. First trip to Malapascua Island is at 6:30 AM. ( Travel time from North Bus Terminal to New Maya Port is 3 hours. )
2.Prepare enough cash. There are no ATMs in the island. But still my friends and I had a good laugh about being broke. HAHAHA


3. Don't forget to bring your camera. Take as much photographs as you can. Especially during the golden hour. These photos will remind you how you spent a weekend in Malapascua. And for sure, you will keep on coming back. In fact, I am already planning my next trip to this paradise. 


4. Alcoholic beverages are 3 times more expensive in the island. I suggest buy your favorite drinks in the city if you plan on getting wasted. (HAHAHA). We had GSM Gin and Pink Gin before the RH! "What happens in Malapascua, stays in Malapascua!" 


5. Interact with the locals. These kids also went swimming with us before we played volleyball. 


6. Charter a private boat going back to the New Maya Port. It was only Php800. Which was fair enough because it would cost us Php840 if we took the same route going there. (The bangkero can also tour you around the island if you want for the same price. But we opted to go straight to the port so we can still catch the 1 PM bus.) 


So, I suggest gather your friends now and take that weekend trip to the island paradise of Malapascua. I assure you, the long trip is worth it! 
(You may also take a side trip to Kalanggaman Island!) That is all for now guys! Thank you for taking the time to read this post. And please follow me on Instagram @almostablogger for more of my adventures and OOTDs. Enjoy your summer loves! :)


The MALAPAS-squad! :) 'Til our next trip guys! 

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