20 April 2019


My friends know that I love to do a lot of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects even when I was still in high school. I began making these projects because mostly I couldn't find the style that I like. I also started going to thrift shops so I can deconstruct garments based on what I really want to achieve without breaking the piggy bank. I have tattered a gazillion jeans, added patches to jackets, painted t-shirts, cropped pants, etc. But I am going to show you one of my favorite DIY projects. 

I bought this sweater in the Ukay-Ukay for only Php50. Although I love the color, I found it to be very plain. The original plan was to add a pocket from a printed t-shirt that didn't fit me anymore. (HAHAHA) Yes, sadly I have gained weight! Anyway, I decided to scrap the idea and realized how it would be best to promote my brand/blog instead since I was attending an event later that afternoon. And it did pay off. A few people noticed the text and found it to be very cool and effective. In fact, they thought that I had it custom-made from a t-shirt shop. It was also a good conversation starter. 

These are the materials that you need; Needle and Thread, a pair of scissors, Sweater or T-shirt, and Pencil ( Optional ).

If you are not confident to do the freehand technique, you can use a pencil to trace the design you want. But since I have done this before, it's easy for me to sew the text without a stencil. 


I also added a zipper on the left sleeve just to add a little bit of edge to this simple project. 


This is just one of the cheapest and easiest DIY projects that you can start with to amplify your style. You can do this with your denims, shirts and even on your bags. I hope this post inspires you to do more Do-It-Yourself projects to show off your personal style. 






Thank you John Rex for always making me look good in your photographs! You are the best! 
I will surely miss you heaps when I finally leave Cebu! Char! :)

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