11 March 2020


Jesmond Dene is said to be one of the most beautiful parks in Newcastle. While I was strolling around Heaton Park, I stumbled upon a sign that led to Jesmond Dene. But since it was already getting dark and my phone’s battery was already empty, I decided to go the next day with my friends. 

It was around 3 degrees but it was not really that cold. Perhaps, my body has gotten used to the cold weather of Newcastle. Hahaha. In fact, I wore a pair of shorts that day. Don’t worry I brought an extra pair of joggers just in case hypothermia kicked in. Emely and I arrived first in Heaton Park while Dawn, Jessica, and Jerald arrived 45 minutes late. Hahaha Sorry guys I have to spill the beans so that  next time, nobody gets late. Anyway, it was the perfect day to go to the park because the sun was up. We definitely felt that spring was just around the corner. 



From Heaton Park, we walked to Armstrong Park which was just on the other side of the road. We passed by what they called the Shoe Tree. Jerald had a pretty interesting theory about how these hundreds of shoes ended up hanging in this particular tree in Armstrong Park. I should say it was a love story that ended in a tragedy. :( 


After 15 minutes of walking and taking some photos along the way, we finally arrived in Jesmond Dene. It was so peaceful and beautiful. You can hear an orchestra of different sounds from the wildlife that calls the Dene home, woodland birds in particular. They also said that if you’re lucky enough, you will get to see red squirrels and Kingfishers. But we only saw wild ducks along the river. (unlucky us!) 


ni reply na siya Jerald?
dili ra katol girl?

kaya pa jessica?

dako kaayo imong ngisi dawn! naay gwapo ni agi noh?

Because there’s a large network of paths and bridges in the Dene, we followed the signs leading to the waterfalls and the picnic area. Before we reached the waterfalls, we passed by different bridges and had our photos taken in each. Hahaha There was also a banquet house that was once used by Lord Armstrong in the 19th century. 



The view of the waterfalls in the Old Mill was just too beautiful to describe in words. I could not believe that this was just 30 minutes away from our place in Heaton. We took turns in taking our photos, then found a table in the picnic area and ate every food that we brought. (Gigutom mi sa paglakaw ug sa ka bugnaw!) We stayed there for 30 minutes with Sheryl and Aldo who followed us after they had to do some errands. 




The sun was about to set and we all decided to end the day in Armstrong bridge before we had dinner in my place. It was a lovely day to spend time with my bisaya friends. At least we had a breather from speaking English. Hahaha Lisod sad biya mag sige English ha. Unya mag Tagalog pa jud usahay. Maka labad sa brain. Hahahaha

Armstrong Bridge

Anyway, I highly recommend that you visit Jesmond Dene if you want to take some time out from your busy life. I can only imagine how beautiful it was when it snowed. But I am excited to come again when Spring is in full bloom. 

PS I survived in my shorts. Hahaha



From Haymarket bus stationBuses 305, 306, 307 and 308. Get off at Cradlewell/Jesmond Road, next to a stone wall, and just before the road tunnel. Walk downhill and bear off left at the turn, and you’ll come to Armstrong Bridge.From the Monument, John Dobson Street or the West end of NewcastleBus number 38. Get off either at Jesmond Road (as above, for the South end of the Dene and Armstrong Bridge), or stay on until Freeman Hospital (for Paddy Freeman’s).BY METROA bit more of a walk, this one. You’re better off with the bus, but the North end of Jesmond Dene is about 15 minutes walk from South Gosforth Metro. Go down the hill, across to the second of the double roundabouts, then turn right up the hill. You can either continue to Paddy Freeman’s at the top, or turn right about half way up down a path.

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