16 May 2020


After an exhausting two hours of just blankly staring at my computer I realized that this post is not going to be about what I want on my birthday this year. Instead, this is a gratitude post with 33 life lessons I want to share to you, the complex and the beautiful you, on my 33rd birthday. 

  1. We’re all born naked. We’re all blank canvasses. 
  2. Be like a child. Curious and inquisitive.
  3. Listen to your parents, 
  4. Study hard and make them proud.
  5. Enjoy every moment you spend with your family and friends,
  6. They become your lifelines when things get rough.
  7. Be humble, and 
  8. Always choose to be kind. 
  9. Love unconditionally, but
  10. Love yourself more.
  11. Part of falling in love is falling out of it,
  12. So, keep your promises and treat each other with respect.
  13. There is freedom in relationships. 
  14. You don’t own anyone and you can’t control anyone.
  15. It is not your job to fix other people. 
  16. When everything seems to be very fast, practice the pause and slow down. 
  17. Remember : You can take a rest, but you never quit.
  18. Work and people can stress you out,
  19. But don’t let them get into you.
  20. Don’t take things and people for granted,
  21. Everything is moving constantly. You can’t waste a second.
  22. Stop complaining. Work hard for the things you really want. 
  23. There’s always a lesson to learn from everyone you meet.
  24. Never stay in a relationship that makes you feel less of yourself. You determine your worth.
  25. An open heart leads to beautiful discoveries. 
  26. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable because when you close your heart, you deny yourself from being happy. 
  27. Travel as much as you can. It is food for the soul.
  28. Don’t deny the past. Acceptance is part of inner healing.  
  29. Wherever life takes you, what is meant to be yours will come to you. 
  30. No matter how much hurt and pain the universe gives you, don’t give the pain to anyone. 
  31. You only need a few genuine friends in your life. 
  32. Take good care of your body, mind and spirit. 
  33. Nothing is ever the same in a year. 

To say that 2020 has been the worst is an understatement. What matters now is how and where do we go from here. I choose to look at the positive things. We are not even halfway through the year and it has definitely tested our faith and character. So, it is my birthday wish for everyone to stay strong and to share kindness all the time.

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has remained in my life for the past 33 years. You are all amazing in my eyes and I wouldn’t be the Philip that I am today if it wasn’t for you. I am deeply gratified and humbled by your presence in my life and I hope to see you and hug you all soon when this is all over. Let humanity be stronger than any virus in the world. Happy Birthday to me! Ilabas and spaghetti at fried chicken! (HAHAHA)

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