4 November 2020


An easy way to look stylish without trying too hard is the monocrome look. So what is a monochrome? By definiton, the term monochrome means "having one color" or shades of limited colors/

Spring and Summer call for a mixture of vibrant and in your face colors while Autumn and Winter tend to gravitate towards earthy and organic colors. Personally, whatever the season is, I always go the safer route of having neutrals. Although I also enjoy wearing prints from time to time. 

My favourite colors for this season are beige and of course black. The trench coat I am wearing is from Topman. It is one size larger than mine because I like my coats to be oversize. I find them more functional and stylish when they are loosely hanging on my body. Also, the winter months are for layering. So, an extra room for knits and scarves is essential. The monochrome style looks more polish, classy and timeless. Well, we don't want to look boring wearing the same colors. To beat that, combine fabrics in different textures in the same hues. 


So, you might want to try this look to bring out that confidently beautiful charoot you! (wink!) 


I bought this entire monochrome look on Sale!
 I am a cheap shopper but I know how to look and feel good without breaking the bank. 

Trench Coat > Topman £25
Knitted Top > Bershka £8 
Linen Trousers > H&M £5

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